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Advanced X-Ray detection

  1. ✅ New Command | Introducing Threat Levels | Bug Fix ✅

    Bug Fix
    * Fixed a bug where the database.db file wouldn't generate.

    New Command
    /xraydetection threatcheck <ign>

    Define your own threat level checks! We have 3 Threat Levels, Default, Medium and High. You can define for yourself what you deem a Medium or a High threat level. You can do this by choosing the number of ores mined per amount of time.

  2. ✅ New Feature | See how many ores a player mined in a specified time ✅

    New Feature:
    You can now get notified if a player mines more than the number of ores in a time range chosen by you!



    1. upload_2021-6-10_18-4-14.png
  3. Bug fix

    Fixed an issue where it wouldn't save the data correctly.
  4. ✅ Update Version 1.1 | New Command | Check overall mining stats ✅

    Update version 1.1

    Added a command: /xraydetection stats <ign>
    This command allows you to check the overall mining stats of the specified player. The permission to use this command is "xray.stats".