⚡️ LuckyBlock [Skript] and VIP! ⚡️ 4.9.1 [Stable]

LuckyBlock for OneSky, SkyBlock, SkyWars, LuckyWars, Prison! Now for VIP

  1. New editable messages, New editable options, Bug fix, and more!

    Version v2.6 [Stable]
    What's new?

    1. Now you cant edit effect power of potions
    2. Now you cant editable time of titles
    3. Now you can edit /luckyblock commands
    4. Added /luckyblock help
    5. Added /luckyblock version
    6. Added /luckyblock reload
    7. Added /luckyblock support
    8. Now you can edit the actionbar for all luckyblocks
    9. Now you can particles the actionbar for all luckyblocks
    10. New design
    11. Fixed bug
    If you need support contact me on telegram @Alex99SupportBot
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