⚡️ LuckyBlock [Skript] and VIP! ⚡️ 5.0 Final version

LuckyBlock for OneSky, SkyBlock, SkyWars, LuckyWars, Prison! Now for VIP

  1. Fixed Bugs, New added.

    Version v4.8 [Stable]
    What's new?

    1. All new /lb help comamnds
    2. Changed the arrangement of the config
    3. Fixed DisableWorlds for VIP version
    4. As of now, it does not remove blocks dropped in disabled worlds
    5. Added block drop, block placement in the disabled worlds for VIP.
    6. Optimized messages
    7. You can now use the /lb commands in the console.
    8. Added all new Animations title for ERROR (place, drop, disableworld)
    9. Optimized animations titles
    If you need support contact me on telegram @Alex99SupportBot
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