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  1. [v1.5.2] Custom model data support, island bank refunds & more!

    Added public key retrieval support for MySQL.
    Added custom model data support for menu items.
    Added the ability to have the island worlds as your default worlds. This means that you can no longer have the level-name the same as the island worlds.
    Added island bank refund upon disbanding (Thanks to @BomBardyGamer)
    Added the ability to set warps as public by default.
    Added island leave confirm menu (Thanks to @BomBardyGamer)
    Added /is admin title and /is admin titleall commands to send titles for players, similar to /is admin msg and /is admin msgall.
    Added teleport warmup bypass permission (superior.admin.bypass.warmup) (Thanks to @BomBardyGamer)
    Added a placeholder shows the time until the next bank interest (%superior_island_bank_next_interest%) (Thanks to @BomBardyGamer)
    Added support for nether and end worlds when having them disabled in server.properties. This means that you no longer need them to be enabled!
    Optimized the way default contents are cached.
    Fixed issues with saving schematics async.
    Fixed default contents don't support damage, names and other tags.
    Fixed leaves cannot decay in older versions.
    Fixed /is bal check on other islands giving the incorrect message.
    Fixed the ability to interact with some entities even when the privilege is disabled.
    Fixed UUID conversion not working correctly due to the missions data file not converted as well.
    Fixed the crops multiplier system not working on latest versions of Paper.
    Fixed leaving preview mode changing the gamemode to survival before teleporting the player.
    Fixed killing players throwing errors when having WildStacker installed.​

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