⚡️ VazeWeb ⚡️ Minecraft WebSite for your Server (with online player counter) 1.5

mobile friendly, HTML, CSS, Tailwind

  1. Link fix

    nothing important about this.
  2. German Version added

    In this update, i added a German Version.
    • in a extra Folder "German Version"
    • If you don't need them, just delete it.
    I also added in the German Version a "Impressum"
    • Thats just important for the German's
    • in der Readme.txt findet ihr mehr infos über das Impressum
  3. Particle Update

    In this update, i added a particle effect on both sites (homepage & staff)
  4. General bug fix

    - Some inline fixxes
    - Minecraft Avatar API Changed
    • because of incorrect display
  5. Bug fix

    - Bug fixxed