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  1. [v3.5.1] Spawner upgrades and lots of bug fixes!

    Please note: If you haven't noticed yet, last update spawner upgrades were added to the plugin! You can read more about it here.

    Changed the DB connector to SSB's one to fix random issues with spawners and barrels to not be saved.
    Fixed issues with detecting WorldGuard 6 causing errors.
    Fixed the item's name changed to "Air" for a second when picking them up.
    Fixed random concurrent errors.
    Fixed dolphins can spawn on blocks that are not water by default.
    Fixed entities from spawners not saving their stack amounts in some minecraft versions.
    Fixed dispenser shearing stacked sheep not working as it should.
    Fixed default upgrades not detected properly causing them to be assigned to incorrect spawners.
    Fixed spawning stacked entities even if the entity stacking setting in SuperiorSkyblock islands is disabled.​

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