⚡ DankTech ⚡ - Dank Storage Plugin 1.2.1

Near infinite item storage in a single slot. Auto pickup, unloading and building!

  1. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.2.1

    World Blacklist + Placement fix
    • Added world blacklists for Item Pickup, Pack opening and Building from the Dank
    • Fixed a rare head placement bug
    • General Code tidy up
  2. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.2.0

    A new set of Dank types!

    These trash cans act like a normal Dank pack but void everything.
    Trash Danks come in 9 tiers like the packs but each has twice the number of slots available.

    Crafting and recipes improved
  3. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.1.5

    • All Dank Packs and Dank Materials have been converted into textured heads so they are more easily identified.
      • All existing Dank packs will update next time they are opened
    • Crafting made a (bit) neater and faster
    • Fixed T1 not being craftable (dumb, sorry!)
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  4. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.1.4

    • Added softdepend for Slimefun
    • All Dank Pack/Cell recipes will be added to the Slimefun guide if slimefun is present on the server (Slimefun is not required for DankTech)
    • Added new DankCell subcommand to GiveItem /DankTech GiveItem DankCell
    • Can no longer place Dank Cells
  5. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.1.3

    • Changed way blocks are placed. We now check for entities before placing to stop issues building near mobs or when pillaring.
    • Fixed as issue when not having mcMMO installed