⚡ Server Control Reloaded ⚡ 1.7.10 - Latest 8.4

Piece of Essentials, Mutliverse and a few other plugins

  1. Fixed bugs & new functions

    + Optimized safeLocation teleport
    + Fixed safeLocation teleport
    + Added middle click to GUICreator
    + Added data & modelData to GUICreator
    + Fixed a bug that allowed players to pay a negative amount -> /pay * -2k
    + Improved performance of coloring of messages
    + Added null exception catcher
    + Added /Item Process command
    + Fixed errors on player join
    + Fixed skins for 1.7.10 - 1.15.X
    + Fixed walkspeed on join
    + Added new placeholder %playtime%
    + Fixed errors on loading another world
    + Renaming the id to the item name in the /give command
    + Fixed /Give <id> for 1.13+
    + Improved performance of /give command
    + Fixed errors /give <not existing item / id>
    + Fixed errors when color of chatformat is "empty"
    + Fixed AFK vanish
    + Fixed generating of comments in translation files
    + Added new Mirror feature! /Mirror
    + Added new feature for BossBar - Changing of Color & Type
    + Fixed UUID command for Console
    + Fixed Chat Notifications colors
    + Fixed Format (&l, &o, &n..) in rainbow (&u)
    + Improved SkinManager
    + Improved registering of Custom economy
    + Fixed unregistering of Custom economy on disabling plugin
    + Added support for Material IDs (1:5) for Give, Kits....
    + New Per World/User ChatFormat
    + New GUICreator (Created by @petulikan1)
    + Added new Top command (Request from Semtexka) - Teleports you to the highest block in the world at your X Z coordinates
    + Improved ChatNotifications (Special thanks to @Firestone82 for great idea with regex) - Better performance
    + Added new ping command
    + Fixed Give <player> <item> <amount> command - translation error
    + Improved Give command (Now you can give you item by name:data -> stone:1 -> granite)
    + Fixed TabList (When Header or Footer is empty)
    + Improved Update Checker
    + Removed unused imports
    + CountryBlocker feature for blocking users from specified country to join on your server
    + CountryBlocker command for in-game addition, listing and removal users (Permission - SCR.Command.CountryBlocker)
    + New command /tempgamemode (Temporary gamemode for specified time!)
    + Fixed bugs on join (Sometimes clears whole User data)
    + Added /mw edit <world> <flag> <value> command
    + Vanished players are automatically removed from serverlist online-players text (Idea of @KVEJEX)
    + Changing the number of online players according to the vanished players
    + Fixed errors on break block (MirrorManager)
    - Removed ChatFormat command
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