⚡ Server Control Reloaded ⚡ 1.7.10 - Latest 8.4

Piece of Essentials, Mutliverse and a few other plugins


    + Fixed errors & bugs on 1.7.10
    + Reorganized default Config.yml
    + Added missing /mw tp Command
    + Fixed disabling of Fly
    + Added translations for /baltop Header & Footer
    + Improved loading of /balancetop
    + Fixed hand animation for FarmingSystem
    + Added SCR placeholders to the PlaceholderAPI & ThePlaceholderAPI (internal placeholders of TheAPI) - Request of @king5442
    + Fixed bugs (NBT)
    + Fixed WarnSystem (Time)
    + Fixed handling of plugin on 1.7.10 modded
    + Added per command cooldowns and cross X commands cooldowns
    + Fixed ChatFormat colorizing bug for console (Now json also adds color formats for the console)
    - Removed unused Pagination class
    - Removed Colors and Rules commands
    + If you have installed LP:
    * Using LuckPerms groups instanceof Vault groups
    Why? LP return group DisplayName, not Group real name

    * What does this mean?
    You have to fix TabList.yml groups, ChatFormat groups, Scoreboard... everywhere where are you using Vault Groups and rename them to lowercase with special symbols (Á -> a)
    + Translations in the Translations files now can be in JSON format!
    Code (Text):
        Loading: "%prefix% Counting the wealth of all players, please, hold on.."
        Header: "%prefix% &7=====» &cBalanceTop &e%page%/%pages% &7«====="
        Footer: [{"text":"%prefix% "},{"text":"&2Next » ","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/baltop %math{%page%+1}%"},"hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":"&bNext page?!"}}]
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