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  1. MikNik
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
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    This plugin supports versions 1.8 - 1.11.2, but will always be built against the latest version of Minecraft, whereas functionality for the newest versions will be priority over legacy.


    AstroColor is a lightweight plugin that gives you and your players full customization of what chat color they have, allowing for the option to have a pattern for alternating colors, rainbow, and more. There are endless possibilities!

    Note: This plugin IS compatible with DeluxeChat!


    AstroColor has two different types of interfaces to suit the players needs and how they control what color/pattern of colors their chat turns. By default, it is set to be the UI option where an in game message appears where the player can click on the text to set their pattern. Alternatively, there is a configuration setting for disabling this and setting it to be a GUI which instead uses player heads for notating colors. Both the UI and GUI live update aswell.


    Creating a pattern with the easy to use UI.

    Creating a pattern with the easy to use GUI.
    There is also a configuration file that can suit everything you will need to customize this plugin, including the max amount of characters a chat pattern can be, an option for disabling certain colors, and even chat messages.


    astrocolor.use - This is basically your all in one permission, you shouldn't have to worry about anything else unless you're an admin.
    /chatcolor - This is the base command, this is probably the only thing you'll really need to use though.
    astrocolor.reload - This is for admins, it allows you to use the following command:
    /chatcolor reload - This just simply allows you to reload from the configuration file.
    Spoiler: Color Permissions
    astrocolor.color.*: Allows access to ALL chat colors.

    astrocolor.color.0: Allows access to black chat color.
    astrocolor.color.1: Allows access to dark blue chat color.
    astrocolor.color.2: Allows access to dark green chat color.
    astrocolor.color.3: Allows access to dark aqua chat color.
    astrocolor.color.4: Allows access to dark red chat color.
    astrocolor.color.5: Allows access to dark purple chat color.
    astrocolor.color.6: Allows access to gold chat color.
    astrocolor.color.7: Allows access to gray chat color.
    astrocolor.color.8: Allows access to dark gray chat color.
    astrocolor.color.9: Allows access to blue chat color.
    astrocolor.color.a: Allows access to green chat color.
    astrocolor.color.b: Allows access to aqua chat color.
    astrocolor.color.c: Allows access to red chat color.
    astrocolor.color.d: Allows access to purple chat color.
    astrocolor.color.e: Allows access to yellow chat color.
    astrocolor.color.f: Allows access to white chat color.


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