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Simple plugin that rewards players for welcoming newbies!

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    ♦ UltraWelcomer is a simple plugin that lets players type /welcome whenever new players join
    ♦ This will make them say a configurable message in chat, for example "Welcome to the server!"
    ♦ This is available for 30 seconds when new players join, then it will no longer be available
    ♦ Players that welcome newbies can be rewarded with money (also customizable)


    Code (YAML):
    #The message to send to all online players when a new player joins (except the new player)
    #Tip: you can use %player% for the new player's name
    : "&9&lJOIN:&7 New player joined, type &a/welcome&7 to welcome them for some rewards!"

    #Message that players will send when they successfully type /welcome
    #Tip: you can use %player% for the new player's name
    : "Welcome, %player%, to EvolutionRealm!"

    #Message to send to players when they try to use /welcome, but there is no new player
    : "&cThere is no new player to welcome."

    #Message to send to the player when they successfully executed /welcome
    #Tip: Use %player% for the new player's name
    : "&9Welcomer: &7You successfully welcomed &a%player%&7 and received $500."

    #Command to execute when someone successfully uses the /welcome command.
    #TIP 1: Do NOT put a slash! Just put the command after the slash
    #TIP 2: Use %command_player% for the player that SENT the command
    #TIP 3: Command is executed from the console
    : "eco give %command_player% 500"

    If you need support, add me on discord: KickSquare#7689

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