[⛏ Silky Spawner ⛏] - A Whole New Level Of Spawner Modification 0.1.2

Pick up Spawners. But wait, there's more. Check it out!

  1. Details of 0.1.2

    Here are some changes applied to this update:
    • Double the available mobs can be created
    • Using eggs to change spawn type
    • Modify mob's name.
    • Adjust amount of spawner when using gui to create.
    If you have an questions, please comment below. And don't forget to rate my plugin, because it's FREE!
  2. 0.1.1-BETA

    This is a small update to minimize the file size. Besides, some bugs and errors are fixed.

    Attention: For some reasons, 1.16.2 seems not working properly with the CustomEnchantment (so I recommend 1.16.3 if you tend to use CE).

    If you regconize anything unsual, please report it to me! Thank you!
    And don't forget to rate my plugin - Because it's FREE!
  3. 0.1.0-BETA A super dupa big update!


    I added some more features to make your life even HARDER, jk LOL.

    Basically, I added menus for you to do some tasks like create spawner easier because you don't have to remember its name anymore, everymob available will be listed on menu for you.

    Because of this new feature plus this is my first time develop something this big, this plugin will cause some lag on large servers...
  4. Add new command

    Basically, this just a small update to fix some code inside. But I also added a new Sub Command named CREATE - /silkyspawner create [Mob name]
    This command will give you an raw spawner with the mob that you chose.
    If you want to use the command, make sure that you have the permission in the config WITH a dot "." and name of that creature. For example, I want to get a Zombie Spawner so I have to have permission "silkyspawner.command.create.ZOMBIE"
    You can get a list of...