✅ AlonsoPvP [1.8-1.16] • FFA! Elytra mode! Spawns! Coin multiplier supported! Leaderboards! 0.8-BETA

Customizable and nice-looking FFA for your server

  1. AlonsoAliaga
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Customizable in config.yml
    This plugin requires NBT API installed!

    Tested on 1.8.8, 1.9.2, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.3
    You are not allowed to post/move/copy this on mcbbs.net or similar. Don't insist.
    If you want to contribute with a translation in your native language, feel free to dm me the translation.

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    You want to have a pvp gamemode?
    Have you been looking for a good-looking pvp plugin for long?
    Your players ask you for pvp like a well-known network?
    Tired of buying plugins that drop support for old version or don't receive updates?

    Well, I am! I created this plugin because of that.

    Ok, now, that is this plugin about?
    This is a plugin for pvp servers. It adds FFA gamemode.

    How is this different from other PVP plugins?
    Well, as you probably noticed I focus on coding plugins that don't exist,
    plugins similar to the ones in big/well-known networks, plugins
    that are premium but support is bad, don't receive updates,
    legacy support was dropped, or simply plugin is bad and has bugs/errors.

    That doesn't answer my question..
    I know, this plugin is a FFA plugin inspired in the one in the well-known network.

    Wow! really?
    Yeah, it's very similar. Remember this is NOT a KitPvp plugin, so don't ask for abilities.

    I want to know more!
    Keep reading the post, specially the images.

    How is this free?
    I don't think a plugin must be premium to be good.
    However, if you appreciate my work, make sure you report bugs and errors before leaving a review.
    This is my first gamemode plugin and I have plans for more if this one success.

    Remember I cannot fix bugs/errors that haven't been reported properly.
    Make sure you open a issue in our Github or join our discord.

    I'm maintaining many plugins right now, so please be patient.

    Note: This plugin won't receive mayor changes since the plugin is already similar to the original.

    • Multiversion support. BETA!
      • 1.8.8 - 1.16.3 ready!
    • Easy to install! BETA!
      • Drag and drop plugin.
      • You need to setup at least one arena to be able to use the plugin.
      • Requires configuration changes FOR CUSTOMIZATION.
    • Kits! BETA!
      • Create up to 54 kits! (Max amount of items in inventory)
      • Creating a kit is EASY!
      • Supports armor content, inventory and off hand! BETA!
      • Permission PER kit is available!
      • Custom lore for locked/unlocked kit!
    • Rotation mode! BETA!
      • Change between arenas each X amount of time!
      • Players will be teleported automatically!
    • Leaderboards! BETA!
      • This is my first attempt to create leaderboards in a plugin.
      • Custom text in signs!
      • Supports heads!
      • Custom default skin!
      • Update interval customizable!
    • Elytra MODE! BETA x1000!
      • YES! Like the original!
      • Give elytra instead of chestplate!
      • Make your server unique!
    • Easy arena creation. BETA!
      • Create arenas with three commands.
      • Toggle arenas before editing them.
      • Add spawn locations easily. (Watch tutorial)
    • Shops! BETA!
      • In-game shops like the original!
      • Create up to 54 shops!
      • Permission PER shop is availabe!
      • Custom lore for locked/unlocked shops!
    • Built-in economy system! BETA!
      • If you don't want to use an external economy plugin.
      • Perfect to keep things simple.
    • AlonsoLevels coins multiplier supported! BETA x1000!
      • Multiply coins earned per kill!
      • Multipliers are unlocked leveling up. (Requires AlonsoLevels)
    • Kill action bar message! BETA!
      • Multiple messages supported. (Plugin picks one randomly)
      • ProtocolLib required for 1.8.8
    • Instant respawn. BETA!
      • No more "Click to respawn" screens!
      • This is SpigotMC so this plugin is intended to be run in Spigot ONLY.
      • This feature is of course not available in other server types.
    • Scoreboard! BETA x100000!
      • This is not only my first gamemode, this is also my first plugin that uses scoreboard.
      • Packets-based scoreboard! (No more errors with stuck scoreboards)
      • This is BETA, I've never worked with scoreboards before. Please report bugs.
      • PlaceholderAPI supported! (Requires PlaceholderAPI)
      • Native placeholders.
      • Make it look as YOU WANT! (Check images)
    • PlaceholdersAPI supported! BETA!
      • Almost everything has a placeholder that you can use!
      • Leaderboards support PlaceholdersAPI! (See screenshots)
    • Elytra block! BETA!
      • Elytra can only be purchased in maps with Elytra mode enabled!
    • Kit selection supported in commands. BETA!
      • Select player's kit from console!
      • Useful for commands in armorstands, npc, items, etc!
    • Kit selector item like the original. BETA!
      • Custom displayname and material.
    • LeaderHeads partially supported! BETA!
      • LeaderHeads is a premium plugin you must have to use leaderboards with armorstands.
      • Command to setup leaderheads so it starts tracking services.
    • Friendly Developer API BETA!
      • Events to listen and make modifications.
      • Methods to get data easily.
    • Stats GUI BETA!
      • Customizable! Add as many items you want!
      • Add commands on click!
      • Custom texture head supported!
      • PlaceholderAPI supported!
    • Simple combat log! NEW 0.8! BETA!
      • This is actually a simply combat log.
      • Time is defined in configuration.
      • Applies for any type of death (includes disconnection)
      • Still in BETA, please report bugs in our discord.
    • Connection interval. BETA!
      • Keep connection alive interval keeps connection alive.
    • Debug mode! BETA!
      • Debug mode for developer.
    • Configuration auto update.
      • Configuration will be updated on plugin update.
      • Comments will be removed on config update.
    • Update checker.
      • Be notified when there is a new update.




    Command auto complete. BETA!


    Instant respawn + action bar message. (AlonsoLevels multiplier supported!) BETA! SPIGOT!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Spawn selector. BETA! SPIGOT!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Commands on kill and deaths.

    Kits menu like the well-known network.

    Create your own kits! BETA!


    Permission per kit + custom lore for locket kits. BETA!


    Spawn selector on right click like the well-known network. BETA!


    Scoreboard with placeholders + PlaceholderAPI support. (Packets based) BETA!


    Make the scoreboard look like you want! BETA!


    Shop like in the well-known network.

    Some items support PlaceholderAPI. BETA!


    Kits supports armor, inventory and OFF-HAND! BETA!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Option to enable soups. BETA!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Auto recycle bottles. (configurable) BETA!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Auto recycle buckets. (configurable) BETA!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Remove dropped bowls, bottles and buckets after 1.5 seconds
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Leaderboards! BETA!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Leaderboard supports PlaceholderAPI! BETA!

    You can use this feature to display holographics leaderboards!
    Requires HolographicDisplays, HolographicExtension and ProtocolLib


    Broadcast remaining time before map changes.

    Teleport players to the new arena. BETA!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Elytra mode! BETA x1000000!

    Yes! Arenas can have elytra mode enabled to give replace all chestplates in kits with Elytras!
    Only available in 1.9+ of course.
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Leaderboard works with all sign types. BETA!


    Two modes. Use head above the sign or on the block behind it! BETA!


    Shop similar to the original! BETA!

    Yes! You can create/edit shops ingame (the items, but not the lore)

    Head item in shop supports PlaceholderAPI! BETA!


    Commands to select kit from console!
    Requires a plugin to assign commands to armorstands!

    Can't see the gif? Click here

    LeaderHeads supported! BETA!

    LeaderHeads plugin required. (Premium plugin)

    Kit selection item! (Like the original) BETA!


    Example of Elytra mode. BETA!


    GUI for stats customizable. (Online players only) BETA!


    PlaceholderAPI support. BETA!


    Installing the plugin in your server:

    • Download the plugin from SpigotMC.org
    • Copy the jar file into you plugins folder.
    • Restart the server.
    • Edit what you want in configuration files.
    • Restart the server.
    Permissions are configurable in configuration files.

    Click here to check commands and permissions


    You can send me your reviews :D

    This is a simple plugin, i don't think it requires more features.
    However if you consider your suggestion should be added, let me know in discussion tab.

    Let us know if your server is using it! ;)

    1) Why is this BETA? That means it has bugs?
    No, plugin should not have bugs. I use BETA because I like the word, I guess.

    2) I like your plugins. Can I suggest you cool ideas for new ones?
    Sure, join my discord server and let me know. I'll evaluate the suggestion
    and decide if I wanna code it or not. Making a suggestion doesn't mean it will be made.

    3) Why is this plugin free?
    Why not?

    4) Can I use it in network for more than one server?
    Sure, you are free to use it in all servers you want.

    5) Can you add more kits?
    No, kits are configurable. You create the kits.

    6) Any tutorial to create kits, arenas, shop?
    Sure, check tutorials section.

    7) Can you add abilities?
    No, as stated at the beginning of the post.
    This is not a KitPvP plugin, abilities won't be added.
    This is a FFA plugin similar to the one in the well-known network.

    8) Can you add combat log?
    I don't think so, please use a plugin for combat log like CombatLog X or similar.

    9) Can you add armorstand support for leaderboards?
    No. Leaderboards wasn't supposed to be added to the plugin in first place.
    I ended up adding it just for learning purposes, so I can use it for new minigames later.
    If you want armorstand support use LeaderHeads. (Premium plugin)

    10) Can you provide a setup?
    No, I'm a developer, i don't create setups.
    The plugin is ready to use once you install it. The only thing you might need to do
    before playing is setup an arena. Check tutorials section to see how.

    11) Can I make suggestions for this plugin?
    Sure, you are free to make suggestions. However that doesn't mean
    they will be added. As stated in the post, this is a simple plugin and I consider it
    already has everything it needs. So probably won't receive new features.

    12) I love it! How can I support you?
    You can support me by joining my discord and sharing my plugins with your friends.
    You can also help me by requesting your favorite youtuber to review my plugins.
    Donating is also an option, all donations will be appreciated.

    13) Can i post this in mcbbs.net?

    14) Are you sure?
    Yes, I'm sure. You are not allowed to post it.

    15) Help me, it's not working in my server!
    Before reviewing the resource. Make sure you have installed all dependencies.
    It the error persists. Paste startup console log in https://sourceb.in/ and post it in discussion tab or join my server.

    Follow this Tutorial to create arenas.
    Follow this Tutorial to create kits.
    Follow this Tutorial to create shops.

    NBT API - This plugin works with NBT Tags.

    Access the API package:

    Click here to check DeveloperAPI
    If you find any bugs, errors or want to request a feature.
    Join my discord or use our issue tracker.

    Review section is not place to report errors.


      • More default kits. (You can create them)
      • Abilities. (This is not a KitPVP plugin)
      • Bungee mode. (No, but you can disable rotate mode and setup only one arena per server.)
      • More GUIs. (It's already similar to the original and that was the idea)
      • Leaderboards with armorstand support. (No, I just added leaderboards because I was testing. Use LeaderHeads)
      • Events. (This is a simple FFA, not PracticePvP)
    Did you save money using my plugins instead of buying others?
    You like my job and want to support me?
    Consider donating so I can keep coding more plugins like this.

    Check our placeholders in our Github

    Check our leaderboards identifiers in our Github

    By downloading this resource you agree all following terms and conditions:

    • You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.
    • You are not permitted to decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
    • You are not permitted to claim this resource as your own creation.
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Recent Reviews

  1. rodrigogamer777
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    ¡Ya me funcionó! Muy buen plugin, me gustó mucho.
    PD: Soy zunet pero con otra cuenta.
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Hahaha me alegra escuchar eso xD

      Gracias por la review!
  2. zunet
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    Tengo un problema, el plugin no carga en mi servidor, ¿habrá alguna solución? Espero su respuesta.
    PD: Mi servidor está en la 1.14.4.
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Hola, unete a mi discord para ver cual es el problem
      Recuerda instalar todas las dependencias necesarias (solo NBTAPI me parece actualmente)

      Gracias por tu review!
  3. X_TatsuWither_X
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    Excelente complemento. Su soporte es muy rápido y es lo que me agrada. Muchas gracias por su trabajo Alonso.
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Me alegra que te guste!
      Pronto la 1.0-BETA ^^

      Gracias por la review!
  4. SoyRabYT
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    Un buen complemento la verdad para poder hacer un FFA, no dudaria en integrarlo a mi servidor 10/10
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Me alegra que te guste ^^

      Gracias por tu review!
  5. Th3ZombieG4mer
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    Un plugin bastante bueno y muy completo, de momento no he encontrado ningún fallo, todo funciona a la perfección, quizá podrías añadir que cuando mates a un jugador de te 5 segundos de regeneración, para que no venga otro y te haga CleanUp xD por cierto, he hecho un tutorial sobre como setear una arena, y quizá haga más tutoriales de tus demás plugins, son bastante buenos, te dejo el link por si a caso https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcCK23RHCVY
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Wow, me alegra ver un tutorial para este plugin ^^
      Lo agregaré en unas horas (Ahora ando ocupadillo)
      Tomaré en cuenta las sugerencias, ahora ando ocupado con la universidad, pero una update deberia salir pronto, una vez que arregle algunos problemas con las nuevas cosas y cambios que he hecho al plugin.
      Todo tutorial es bienvenido (claro que tiene que estar bien explicado >w<)

      Gracias por tu review!
  6. CesarTalavera
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    Yo empeze a crear mi FFA a comienzos de Julio y lo di por terminado en Agosto y para crearlo tuve que usar una gran variedad de plugins lo cual este afecto al rendimiento de la modalidad

    Y por pura casualidad me encontre este plugin enterandome que es nuevo y es super completo y magnifico, este plugin me sera de mucha utilidad ya que este engloba varios plugins que ya tenia y que ahora podre remover para optimizar mas la modalidad, este plugin lo implementare en mi servidor y posiblemente si el tiempo me lo da le creare una video review a este plugin

    Te felicito por un gran trabajo y espero este proyecto del plugin llegue lejos

    ATTE: Ta1avera
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Esa es precisamente la razón por la que decidí hacer este plugin ^^
      Me alegro mucho que te guste! Si así lo deseas, haznos saber la IP de tu servidor cuando esté terminado por privado para que sea agregado a la lista de servidores :D

      Gracias por tu review!
  7. _blackFx
    Version: 0.8-BETA
    el mejor plugin de FreeForAll por mucho y su creador muy atento me ayudo mucho :D
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Me alegra que te guste >:v

      Gracias por tu review!
  8. terrfx
    Version: 0.4-BETA
    Uno de los mejores recursos de spigot tanto en calidad de la wiki, el plugin por sí mismo y la dedicación del autor para con los que necesitamos ayuda con sus recursos. Me quedo con una buena opinión del autor y sin quejas, resolvió todas mis dudas y sugerencias, lo recomiendo al 100%.
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Me alegro que te guste! De esta forma se evita usar más de un plugin para lograr una modalidad. Espero les guste a tus jugadores! :D

      Haznos saber si tu servidor lo utiliza para agregarlo a la lista de servidores ^^

      Gracias por tu review!
  9. Choubatsu
    Version: 0.4-BETA
    One of the best FFA plugins I've ever seen!

    Although I do have a few suggestions if you wouldn't mind.
    - Add /leaderboards command like /stats but it shows specific leaderboards in GUI as well.
    - Add Divisions system. So there's ELO and there's Divisions like Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc (like CSGO).
    - Add minor events. Such as double EXP and Coins, Everyone gets a Bounty, Care Package , etc.
    - Add major events. Such as
    - Add bounties and automatic bounties. Such as Rage Mode, Team Deathmatch, The Beast, Raffle, Robbery
    - Assists. Player will recieve coins and EXP.
    - Add boosters. Global, per player
    - Multiple PvP Gamemodes, such as SG, BuildUHC, NoDebuff, SkyWars, BedWars FFA. By that I mean in SG u have chests (tier 1 & tier 2) u can loot, randomly generated across map.. In BuildUHC u can build. In NoDebuff used pots automatically disappear. In SkyWars it's like a SkyWars but as FFA, same for BedWars.
    - More information in /stats.
    - Kit Editor for players, so they can change hotbar to their own specific needs.
    - Add more placeholder from PlaceholderAPI, so we can use it in other plugins.
    - Improved rotation system. Animations etc (for arenas and kits)
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      This plugin is a simple FFA which main purpose is too be as similar as possible to the one in the well-known network i'm not going to mention, and I believe it's already like that.
      Those suggestions are good, however due to the structure of the plugin and because of the reason I mentioned before these suggestions cannot be added.
      About the ELO thing, you can use this plugin to make ranks for your players: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/84268/

      I know I already replied in the Discord server, but I had to reply here too ^^

      Thanks for your review!
  10. wutong10086
    Version: 0.4-BETA
    Really promising, really detailed page, and I see the effort given in to this plugin. Keep it up!
    1. AlonsoAliaga
      Author's Response
      Yeahh! I try my best always! :D

      Thanks for the review!