✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ [1.17-1.18.1] 2022.1

Player NPC via packets API for 1.17 & 1.18

  1. lordvento
    Version: 2022.1
    Yeah I would like to know If there's any plans for making It an official smp plugin to use In regular user servers? Put and use since this Is kind of misrepresented and I was originaly getting this as a regular plugin but the Idea Is very nice and we as a community would really appreciate a good stable and easy to use NPC plugin. ty
    1. SergiFerry
      Author's Response
      Yeah, in the next versions is planned to add the option to create NPCs visible to all players, through commands, and will be stored on a file.
      The original purpose of this was an API for developers, but i know that a lot of people demand a plugin like this.
  2. PixelMania
    Version: 2021.4
    This is a pretty good API for player NPCs, will be using it later on.

    I'd like to mention that you should remove the "npc.setCustomTabListName(String, boolean)" line from step 2 of the API spoiler, as that will call the "getReplacedCustomName" method which will try to call the "getProfile" method from the "entityPlayer" variable, but it will result in a NullPointerException error as the variable is null until "npc.create()" is called, which is in step 3.
    1. SergiFerry
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reporting this bug, in the 2021.5 version it's fixed.
  3. SquareCode
    Version: 2021.4
  4. maximeCX
    Version: 1.0.8
    solid plugin. Easy to use, very customizable and it saved me tons of time making my own. Thank you dev
  5. hugogaymer
    Version: 1.0.1
    nice .