✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ 1.17+ 2021.2

Player NPC via packets API for 1.17+

  1. ✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ 1.17+

    • Added Glowing to NPCs, use npc.setGlowing(boolean, color) at API or /npc setglowing (player) (id) (boolean) and /npc setglowingcolor (player) (id) (color)
    • Now NPCs will not be spawned at client side before the player aims it's FOV to the NPC. This will fix some skin bugs.
    • Fixed RIGHT click on NPC with no item in hand. When LEFT clicking at NPC with no item in hand and looking to another block behind NPC it will detect RIGHT click :( , i'm trying to fix.
    • Bug fixes.
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