✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ 1.17+ 2021.3

Player NPC via packets API for 1.17+

  1. ✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ 2021.1 version

    This is a big update to the API, please read carefully all the changes.
    • Added a GitHub repository with the source code, and now you can also accest to the JavaDocs.
    • Now NPCLib instance will be accesible throught NPCLib.getInstance(); Do not create an instance, like you did before.
    • To generate an NPC instance now is NPCLib.getInstance().generateNPC(Player, String, Location);
    • Now to access to the NPC instance generated before use NPCLib.getInstance().getNPC(Player, String);
    • To destroy an NPC use npc.destroy(); and it can be created before, if you want to remove the instance use NPCLib.getInstance().removeNPC(Player, String);
    • Now all the attributes that were neccesary to set before creating the NPC, you can set anytime an then using npc.forceUpdate();
    • Now you can set that the NPC will be visible on tab list, with a custom name with npc.setCustomTabListName(String, boolean);
    • Now you can set how the NPC will follow it's look direction with npc.setFollowLookType(FollowLookType);
    • Changed version counter, now its {year}.{yearVersion} (2021.1)
    • Added an UpdateChecker, this will send a message when an OP joins the server and there's an update available of the plugin.
    • Bug fixes.
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