✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ 1.17+ 2021.3

Player NPC via packets API for 1.17+

  1. ✅ [API] PlayerNPC ✅ 2021.2 version

    • Added NPCPose, now you can set the pose of the NPC as (STANDING, SWIMMING, SLEEPING, CROUCHING). You can set it throught API as npc.setPose(NPCPose); or throught command as /npc setpose (player) (id) (npcpose)
    • Added a new automatic move detection, you can choose between PlayerMoveEvent, or a runnable in ticks (5 by default). You can set it with NPCLib.getInstance().setUpdateLookType(UpdateLookType); and you can set the amount of ticks with NPCLib.getInstance().setUpdateLookTicks(int ticks);
    • Now NPC will display the skin overlay (cape, etc..)
    • Bug fixes
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