✅ BetterPets [1.8-1.16] • Custom textures! Favorite food! Permissions! Recipes! 0.3-BETA

Pets living in your inventory ready to help you!

  1. AlonsoAliaga
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Customizable in config.yml
    This plugin requires NBT API installed!
    Plugin is in BETA. Please report bugs before rating.
    You are not allowed to move/copy the plugin to mcbbs.net or similar. Don't insist.

    Tested on 1.8.8, 1.9.2, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.4
    If you want to contribute with a translation in your native language, feel free to dm me the translation.

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    Ever wanted to have a pet that helps you?
    Do your player asks you for a different pet plugin?

    Well, I created this plugin because of that.

    This plugin was created to add something that is missing in minecraft, pets.
    And yes, this plugin was inspired in the well-known mod that allow having pets in inventories.

    But what makes this plugin different from others???
    First, it works in many versions 1.8.8 - 1.16.4 and second, it's almost fully configurable.

    And second, you can change displaynames, lores, pet recipes, permissions, messages, textures, foods, cooldowns, etc..
    I'll probably be adding more pets when users make suggestions.

    Making a suggestion doesn't mean it will be added. I need to consider the impact of that pet in server performance and stuff like that.

    Note: If you think your pet suggestion is good. Let me know in my discord.

    • Supports 1.8 - 1.16 BETA!
      • Read tested versions at the beginning.
      • Works with latest version releases. (Example: use 1.8.8 instead of 1.8, use 1.9.2/1.9.4 instead of 1.9)
    • 25 different pets for your players. BETA!
      • There is a pet for every type of player.
    • Custom recipes.
      • Each pet recipe can be changed or even disabled.
      • Almost all materials are supported.
      • Recipe shape easy to change.
    • Custom permissions. NEW!
      • Permissions can be changed!
      • Permission per pet.
      • Permission for almost every action.
    • Pet food! BETA!
      • Your pet requires food in your inventory to help you!
      • Change pet's favorite food or disable it!
      • Pet can eat food from your inventory.
    • Uses per food! BETA!
      • Change the amount of uses before pet ask for food again.
    • Cooldown per pet! BETA!
      • Add cooldowns to each pet.
      • Make players wait before using their pets again.
      • Option to disable cooldown.
    • Customizable messages! NEW!
      • Almost all messages in the plugin can be changed.
      • Pet responses are custom PER PET!
      • Pet tells you if it cannot find food in your inventory.
    • Pets GUI! NEW!
      • Access to all pets in a GUI.
      • Access to all pets recipe. (If player has permission to it)
    • Fill empty slots.BETA!
      • Empty slots in recipe inventory fills with black frame.
      • Supports custom model data in 1.14+
      • Toggleable feature.
    • Auto-open permission.BETA!
      • Open pets GUI after closing pet recipe.
    • Unkown pet!
      • Option to hide pet and recipe if player doesn't have the permission.
      • Displays a custom head with texture for unknown pets.
      • Useful to make pets a unlockeable perk.
    • Easy to use!
      • Pet's description explains pet behavior.
      • Drag and drop plugin.
      • Survival friendly.
      • Pets GUI show pet's favorite food and the uses per food.
    • Pet information.
      • Pet information when right clicking while sneaking.
    • Admin permissions.
      • Admins can easily get pets from pets GUI by clicking in the pet.
    • Give command. BETA!
      • Give a specific pet to player. (Works on console too)
    • Disabled worlds! BETA!
      • Select disabled worlds PER pet!
      • Custom message if pet is used in disabled world. (Message is per pet)
    • Developer API! BETA!
      • DeveloperAPI for all developers to interact with the plugin.
      • Method to get pets and events to listen.
    • Reload command. BETA!
      • Command to reload messages and some checks. (Restart required to update recipes)
    • Configuration auto update.
      • Configuration will be updated on plugin update.
      • Comments will be removed on config update.
    • Update checker.
      • Be notified when there is a new update.
    Code (YAML):
    #               ___      _   _           ___     _
    #              | _ ) ___| |_| |_ ___ _ _| _ \___| |_ ___
    #             | _ \/ -_)  _|  _/ -_) '_|  _/ -_)  _(_-<
    #            |___/\___|\__|\__\___|_| |_| \___|\__/__/
    #                           by AlonsoAliaga
    #          https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/281176/

    : "&cYou don't have permission to do this."
    : "&cYou cannot use stacked pets.."
    : "&aSome messages and options have been reloaded. Other may require a restart!"
    : "&cPlayer is not online!"
    : "&cPets can be used only in main hand!"
    : "&cLooks like this pet is corrupted or illegal. Delete it immediately!"
    : "&cThis pet has been disabled by administrators :("
    : "&cYou can have up to {AMOUNT} pets in your hotbar :("
    : "&cSomething weird occurred. Contact an administrator!"
    : "&cThis pet cannot be crafted anymore :("
    : "&cThis pet cannot be crafted :("
    : "&cLooks like there aren't pets enabled. If you think it's an error, contact an administrator! :("
    : "&cYou don't have permission to craft pets :("
    : "&cYou need to wait {TIME} to use this pet again :("
    : "&cYou don't have permission to use pets :("
    : "&6This pet is ready to help you :)"
    : "&cPet name is not valid!"
    : "&aYou gave {TARGET} pet called {PET}&a type {PET_TYPE}!"
    : "&6You received a pet called {PET}&a!"
    : "&6You opened pets gui for {TARGET}."
    : "&cYou don't have permission to view pets recipes :("
    : "{PET}&f: &aMy favorite food is {FOOD}. I eat every {TIME} uses!"
    : "{PET}&f: &aMy favorite food is {FOOD}. I eat each time!"

    #Permissions required for specific actions. If "none" action will not require a permission.
    #Admin permission is always required, even if "none".
    : "betterpets.admin"
      #Required to open pets GUI and access recipes.
    : "none" #Example: "betterpets.recipe"
    : "none" #Example: "betterpets.craft"
    : "none" #Example: "betterpets.use"

     #Max amount of pets in hotbar. Range between 1 - 9.
      #If X is 8 or less, then only the first X pets in the hotbar will be available.
    : 3
      #If enabled, recipes
    : true
    : "&8Pets available"

    : "eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvNDZiYTYzMzQ0ZjQ5ZGQxYzRmNTQ4OGU5MjZiZjNkOWUyYjI5OTE2YTZjNTBkNjEwYmI0MGE1MjczZGM4YzgyIn19fQ=="
    : "&4&lLocked Pet"
         - "&7You need to unlock this"
          - "&7pet to access the recipe."
    : "&b&lFavorite food"
         - "&7I eat once per {TIME} uses!"
         - "&7I eat once per use!"

     #Auto update configuration? Enabling will delete comments.
    : true
      #Check for updates? Recommended to keep it enabled.
    : true
      #Notify updates when player with permission joins the server?
    : true
      #Permission required to receive update message.
    : "betterpets.update"
      #Message to send when update is found.
    : "&3[BetterPets] &eA new update has been found! You are using version {CURRENT}. Download version {NEW} here &c{LINK}"
    Pets GUI.

    Hide locked pets in the GUI.

    Pet description includes effect and favorite food.

    Command autocomplete.

    Recipe view available.

    Recipe displays pet food and uses per meal.

    Easy admin usage. (Obtain pets easily to reward players on events)
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Shift right click display pet status. (Ready or on cooldown)
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Slime pet eating slime ball from inventory to prevent fall damage.
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Totem pet allows totem use from inventory instead of off-hand.
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Zombie pet removing hunger effect when eating rotten flesh. (Pet eats one cookie)
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Moon pet changing day to night. (Animation)
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Sun pet changing night to day. (Animation)
    Can't see the gif? Click here

    Fill empty slots. BETA!

    Current pets available: 25

    • Sun pet.
      • Changes night to day.
      • Favorite food: CLOCK
    • Moon pet.
      • Changes day to night.
      • Favorite food: CLOCK
    • Chicken pet.
      • Chance to give eggs/feather.
      • Chance to give SLOW_FALLING if available.
      • Favorite food: SEEDS
    • Cow pet.
      • Removes all negavite effects.
      • Favorite food: MILK BUCKET
    • Mushroom pet.
      • Refill mushroom soup when consumed. (Configurable)
      • Chance to give regeneration.
      • Chance to give strength.
      • Chance to give confusion.
      • Chance to give absortion.
      • Chance to give resistance.
      • Favorite food: RED MUSHROOM
    • Cat pet.
      • Gives speed III. (1 minute - Configurable)
      • Favorite food: RAW FISH
    • Bat pet.
      • Gives night vision. (1 minute - Configurable)
      • Favorite food: GOLDER CARROT
    • Rabbit pet.
      • Gives jump III. (15 seconds - Configurable)
      • Favorite food: CARROT
    • Pig pet.
      • Gives you additional saturation.
      • Favorite food: CARROT
    • Sheep pet.
      • Chance to give you wool or strings.
      • Favorite food: WHEAT
    • Workbench pet.
      • Open workbench wherever you need it.
      • Favorite food:
    • Ender chest pet.
      • Open ender chest wherever you are.
      • Favorite food: EYE OF ENDER
    • Enchanting table pet.
      • Open basic enchanting table wherever you are. (1.12+)
      • Favorite food: PAPER
    • Silverfish pet.
      • Protects you from suffocation.
      • Favorite food: STONE
    • Slime pet.
      • Protects you from fall damage.
      • Favorite food: SLIME BALL
    • Squid pet.
      • Protects you from drowing. (Gives oxygen)
      • Favorite food: RAW FISH
    • Creeper pet.
      • Protects you from explosion damage.
      • Favorite food: SULPHUR
    • Magma cube pet.
      • Protects you from fire damage. (Gives fire resistance)
      • Favorite food: MAGMA CREAM
    • Wolf pet.
      • Gives extra food points when eating raw food.
      • Favorite food: BONE
    • Zombie pet.
      • Allows player to eat rotten flesh. (Prevents hunger effect)
      • Chances to give speed.
      • Chances to give strength.
      • Chances to give resistance.
      • Chances to give regeneration.
      • Favorite food: COOKIE
    • Iron golem pet.
      • Gives temporary shield. (+10 hearts for 60 seconds - Configurable)
      • Favorite food: IRON BLOCK
    • Wither pet.
      • Protects from wither effect damage. (Removes it)
      • Favorite food: COAL BLOCK
    • Totem pet.
      • Allow totem use directly from inventory. (No need to have it in off hand)
      • Favorite food: TOTEM / NETHER STAR (If 1.10 or older - Configurable)
    • Dynamite pet.
      • Spawn primed TNT in your location.
      • Favorite food: TNT
    • Inby pet.
      • Gives your invisibility for a short time.
      • Favorite food: GOLDEN_CARROT
    Installing the plugin in your server:
    • Download the plugin from SpigotMC.org
    • Copy the jar file into you plugins folder.
    • Restart the server.
    • Edit what you want in configuration files.
    • Restart the server.
    Permissions are configurable in configuration files.

    /betterpets pets - Open pets GUI.
    none (Configurable)

    /betterpets pets <player> - Opens pets GUI for player.

    /betterpets give <player> <pet> - Give pet to player.

    /betterpets reload - Reload some configuration and checks.

    Craft pets.
    none (Configurable)

    Use pets.
    none (Configurable)

    None yet. You can send me your reviews :D

    This is a simple plugin, i don't think it requires more features.
    However if you consider your suggestion should be added, let me know in discussion tab.

    Let us know if your server is using it! ;)

    1) Why is this BETA? That means it has bugs?
    No, plugin should not have bugs. I use BETA because I like the word, I guess.

    2) Can I create my own pet?
    No. However, if your pet suggestion sounds good to me. I might add it in a future update.

    3) How can I limit active pets amount?
    Edit in config.yml the option "Options.Max-pets". (Min 1, max 9)

    4) Can you add XYZ pet?
    Make your suggestion on our Github and be patient. It takes time.
    Making a pet suggestion does NOT mean it will be added. I need to see if pet ability is balanced, compatibility, performance, etc.

    5) Can you make it so we create our own pets?
    No. Due to the plugin structure, I can add more pets, but making a system that allows you to create custom pets should probably require recoding the system.

    6) Will you do it in a future?
    I don't know to be honest. I'm already thinking about how that system would work, but I currently have more projects (plugins) I wanna release first. Probably later if I figure out a way to allow server owners to create new pets.

    7) Can i post this in mcbbs.net?

    8) Are you sure?
    Yes, I'm sure. You are not allowed to post it.

    9) Help me, it's not working in my server!
    Before reviewing the resource. Make sure you have installed all dependencies.
    It the error persists. Paste startup console log in https://sourceb.in/ and post it in discussion tab or join my server.

    NBT API - This plugin works with NBT Tags.

    Access the API package:
    Code (Java):
    Available methods:
    ItemStack getPet(@Nonnull PetType petType)
    > Returns pet item of the specific pet type. Returns null if pet is not valid or is disabled.

    Available events:
    > When player crafts a pet.
    > When player uses a pet. (Right clicking on it or event)
    If you find any bugs, errors or want to request a feature.
    Join my discord or use our issue tracker.

    Review section is not place to report errors.


      • Option to create new pets. (No, can't be done)
      • Pet that scares creepers.
      • Pets that attacks players or entities.
      • Pets that works with player movement.
      • Level system for pets. (No, this plugin isn't for that)
    By downloading this resource you agree all following terms and conditions:
    • You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.[/B]
    • You are not permitted to decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
    • You are not permitted to claim this resource as your own creation.

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    ¿Cómo hago para crear un pet propio?, ¿o eso no se puede?. Es qué quería hacer un pet el cual, al morir, no pierdas nada. Por favor, si se puede, ¿podrías contactarme a mi Discord? Jere#0814
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      Author's Response
      Me alegro que te guste!
      No puedes crear pets con este plugin, el sistema solo fue hecho para ser agregados por el dev. Actualmente (estas semanas) estoy ocupado con la universidad y no tengo tiempo para hacer modificaciones, cuando todo termine intentaré ver si es posible ;)

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      Glad you like it ^^

      Thanks for your review!
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      Glad you like it!

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