✅ BetterRevive [1.8-1.16] • Custom time! Titles! PlaceholderAPI! Blood effect! 0.5-BETA

Give your players a second chance to live.

  1. Bug fixes.

    • Bug fixes. BETA!
      • Fixed bug when disconnecting.
      • Fixed bug with damage.

    Don't forget that ProtocolLib is required when using 1.16.x

    This is in BETA....
  2. ALIASES! Custom giveup command! Bug fixes!

      • Main command can now have aliases!
    • Give up command! BETA!
      • Command has been fixed!
      • You can now change main command!
      • You can now edit /giveup aliases!
  3. Totem support! Custom health, food, effects on bleed/revive!

    • Totem support! BETA!
      • Yes! Totem should now be supported!
      • All other plugins that works when player dies should work too.
      • Plugins that modify damage on death might not be compatible.
    • Health on revive! BETA!
      • ...
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  4. Compatibility with other plugins that modifies damage.

    • Compatibility with other plugins. BETA!
      • BetterRevive event priority has been moved to HIGHEST.
      • This will let other plugins cancel damage before BetterRevive detects it.

    This is in BETA. Please report bugs in our discord

    ✅ Config has been updated. As...
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