✅ BetterRevive [1.8-1.18] • FINISH PLAYERS! Titles! PAPI! Blood! WorldGuard! Crawl mode! and more! 0.9-BETA

Give your players a second chance to live.

  1. 1.17 support! FINISH-OFF feature! WorldGuard support! Bugs fixes!

    • 1.17.x support! BETA!
      • Plugin should work correctly now with this version!
    • WorldGuard region support! BETA!
      • Flag has been added: betterrevive-can-bleed
      • Option for "default" behavior if flag is not set in a region.
    • FINISH-OFF feature! BETA!
      • Players can now finish bleeding players to get the kill!
      • Bleeding players have "fake" health points, when it's 0, player dies.
      • Players can see remaining health in action bar WHEN ATTACKED!
      • Damage multiplier to reduce/increase damage dealt to bleeding players.
    • Fix teleport Y axis. BETA!
      • When revivin a player on a 1 block height it used to glitchs and appeared below.
      • This option will increase player Y location to teleport him above that block.
      • Default value should work correctly. Default value: 0.7
    • Bugs fixed. BETA!
      • Some issues have been fixed.
    • Updated code. BETA!
      • Updated some methods/classes/checks I don't remember very well.
      • Hopefully will help to keep compatibility with new versions if I'm not here anymore.

    This is in BETA. Please report bugs in our discord

    ✅ Config has been updated. As usual, don't worry. BetterRevive handles all changes ;)

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