✅ BetterRevive [1.8-1.18] • FINISH PLAYERS! Titles! PAPI! Blood! WorldGuard! Crawl mode! and more! 0.9.1-BETA

Give your players a second chance to live.

  1. DeveloperAPI updated!

    • DeveloperAPI updated! BETA!
      • Added PlayerStartRevivingPlayerEvent to check when a player start reviving
      • someone. This event is cancellable!

    This update is not required, but is recommended to use latest version.

    This is in BETA. Please report bugs in our...
  2. Parse colors, fixed internal issue.

    • Fixed internal issue. BETA!
      • Update to this version if you have issues with the previous one.
    • Parse colors after replacing. BETA!
      • If your prefix placeholder returned colors with minecraft format, they should now be parsed in most messages. (Not all messages...
  3. Crawl mode for 1.13+! Totem check improved! Factions support (only 3 plugins, don't insist)

    • Added damage option. BETA!
      • You can not set the damage to kill the player (by default 100, not recommended to change it)
    • Totem check improved. BETA!
      • On fatal damage, Plugin will now check if player has totem in hands or not before bleeding....
  4. Fixed issue on start up without WorldGuard installed.

    • Bug fix. BETA!
      • Fixed issue on start up without WorldGuard installed.
      • Fixed issue when giving up.

    This is in BETA. Please report bugs in our discord

    ✅ Config has been updated. As usual, don't worry. BetterRevive handles all changes ;)

  5. 1.17 support! FINISH-OFF feature! WorldGuard support! Bugs fixes!

    • 1.17.x support! BETA!
      • Plugin should work correctly now with this version!
    • WorldGuard region support! BETA!
      • Flag has been added: betterrevive-can-bleed
      • Option for "default" behavior if flag is not set in a...
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  6. Bug fixes.

    • Bug fixes. BETA!
      • Fixed bug when disconnecting.
      • Fixed bug with damage.

    Don't forget that ProtocolLib is required when using 1.16.x

    This is in BETA....
  7. ALIASES! Custom giveup command! Bug fixes!

      • Main command can now have aliases!
    • Give up command! BETA!
      • Command has been fixed!
      • You can now change main command!
      • You can now edit /giveup aliases!
  8. Totem support! Custom health, food, effects on bleed/revive!

    • Totem support! BETA!
      • Yes! Totem should now be supported!
      • All other plugins that works when player dies should work too.
      • Plugins that modify damage on death might not be compatible.
    • Health on revive! BETA!
      • ...
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  9. Compatibility with other plugins that modifies damage.

    • Compatibility with other plugins. BETA!
      • BetterRevive event priority has been moved to HIGHEST.
      • This will let other plugins cancel damage before BetterRevive detects it.

    This is in BETA. Please report bugs in our discord

    ✅ Config has been updated. As...
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