✅ BungeeTheAPI ✅ 2.2

Create plugins easier than before!

  1. v 2.2

    + Brand new JsonReader & JsonWriter classes
    - Removed JsonReader and JsonWriter classes
    - Removed Reader and Writer classes
    + Added JReader & JWriter interfaces for JsonWriter and JsonReader
    + Added LegacyJsonReader & Writer for 1.7.10 and older​
    + Some performance improvements of ChatMessage class
    + Improved performance of VersionChecker#getVersion(String currentVersion, String version) method
    Improved performance of saving and reading YAML files
    + New return of method Data#getDataName for classes:
    • User
    • MultiMap
    • SortedMultiMap
    • DataLoader​
    + New methods of SQLAPI class:
    • List<Object> getTop(String table, String orderBy, String column, String identifier, int limit)
    • List<Object> getTop(String table, String orderBy, String column, int limit)​
    + Added new placeholders:
    Code (Text):
    %fromTime{STRING}% converts formatted time into numbers (Ex. 54300)
    %toTime{LONG}% converts numbers into formatted time (Ex. 5h4m)

    + Added to the Tags.yml configuration option to set custom suffix for gradient -> {#HEX>TEXT<#HEX}
    + Tasker's method cancel to cancel RUNNING task no longer kills whole task (now Tasker wait until task finish)
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