✖ UltimatePinAuth ✖ GUI ✖ 1.8-1.12 ✖ SECURE ✖ 1.0.0

✖ The Most Secure Login Skript ✖

  1. WindatschuLP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Tim Alexander
    Languages Supported:
    ✖ UltimatePinAuth ✖

    • Registration via GUI
    • Login via GUI
    • Reset PIN
    • Two languages: "de" (german) and "en" (english)
    • BungeeCord compatible (uses MySQL of SQLibrary)
    • Disable Chat until logged in
    • Disable Commands until logged in
    • Can be set to be used only by staff
    • View PIN of players
    • Change PIN of players


    Commands printed in bold are only available to administrators.


    Staff: upa.staff
    Administrators: upa.admin




    Code (Text):

        # The config starts here
        # Have fun with editing this!
        # Created by HiverHD
        title : UPA
        # Please do not use color codes here
        # It's just the title of GUIs
        prefix : &aUPA &8| &7
        # The prefix in chat (e.g. "&aMyNetwork.com &8> &7")
        language : de
        # language, either "en" or "de"
        onlypinforstaff : false
        # whether only staff members should be asked for pin
        staffpermission : upa.staff
        # permission needed to identify staff
        # only needed if "onlypinforstaff" is true
        adminperm : upa.admin
        # permission needed to change settings ingame
        bungeecord : false
        # Probably not stable yet
        # If true, players won't be asked for pin when they switch server inside a bungeecord network
        # Also, SQLibrary and MySQL is required for that

    • Skript
    • Skellet
    • SkQuery
    • SkLibrary (only for bungeecord)
    • SkExtras


    This skript was written by HiverHD. Do not copy or present to others as yours. If you find any bug or have a problem, don't write it in a review. Bugs and problems can be solved together. Click here to join my discord server for support.


    1. commands_upa.PNG
    2. login_upa.PNG

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    Version: 1.0.0
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    Can I do this
    If you allow me to do this,I’ll thank you very much:)
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    Version: 1.0.0
    Great resource, and I will recommend to use it for admins who dont want their account stolen