✘ AdvancedBoots ✘ Create own boots × OPEN SOURCE 1.0

» Sick of non-configurable Plugins? Create your own boots! «

  1. SeltroxLP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Source Code:

    AdvancedBoots is a open source gadget plugin for your server.
    You can easily create your own boots with no limit.
    You can choose every effect, color and you can even choose rainbowboots!
    AdvancedBoots is 100% customizable.


    AdvancedBoots is a must-have on your lobby server.
    Players can have a lot of fun with their boots changing colors or showing particles.
    You can create your own boots with every available effect and color on spigot, so there is no limit for you and your community to have new boots!
    You can choose a unique permission every boot if you want.
    Every message is configurable.


    Plug & play! You just have to move the plugin to your plugins folder, restart your server and boom! You can choose fancy boots!


    Available commands are:
    ✘ /boots - Choose fancy boots!
    ✘ /spawnbootsvillager - For Admins - Spawn a villager to open the gui!

    I am open for new ideas to improve the plugin! Just tell me, what you need!