✨ lCore | Alternative for Essentials | First plugin 1.9

Hello! This is my first ever plugin! ^^

  1. New Commands, fixes & cleaning up a code

    Hey! I just made a new system for Private Messages. Now you can use /msg, /r to private message with players. All messages are also configurable as always. I also added a sound for it, so make sure you check a new configuration ^^

    I just have fixed messages in Gamemode command where Colors didn't actually work & clean up my code a bit (Will make more later)

    If you have any question, let me know here, or on my new support discord server!
  2. New command & improvements

    Hey! I just have added /broadcast. You can now broadcast a message to all players. Also I added a sound to it, so when you send a broadcast, it plays a sound to all players. (The sound is configurable)

    If you want to update the plugin, please let plugin make a new config.
  3. New feature!

    Hello, I just added a feature to show a welcome message to a player. The welcome message is configurable & you can add more lines, or even disable it just by edit the line to message: []

    If you have any issues or suggestions, let me please know!
    - Thank you
  4. Heal Improvements

    Hey! I just improved /heal command. The command actually didn't heal other player if was defined. Now it does.
    /heal also restores your food :) Let me know in PM or on discord for suggestions! (LARKYY#0001)
  5. Fixes & New Command + Messages

    Hey! I just have added /world command.
    Also when you type /world, it shows you a list of all available worlds. This also appears when you type unknown world in commands such as /day, /night, /rain, /sun. Going to add more features soon! ^^
  6. HotFixes & new messages

    I just fixed few issues with arguments.
    Also new messages for Gamemode, Fly, Teleport were added.
  7. Hotfix & new command

    I just fastly fixed /night command. Just made a mistake in reading a value from config.
    I also have added /fly ^^
    If you want to update the plugin, please remove your actual config and let it regenerate.
  8. Motd changing!

    Hello! I just have added an option to change your server's motd. To successfully update your plugin, please reset your config.yml located in lCore folder. For suggestions, please PM me :)
  9. Rain & Sun command fix

    - hotfix for rain & sun command (actually it was sending only message and didn't toggle the weather)