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  1. shaawkat_haq
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    ALL languages
    RttChat - Best solution
    In case of false positives, or other problems, write to us! You are the one who makes the anti-crash better.

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    IP (1.8.8):
    Server working with Pterohost.com ♥ Developer support plan
    soft depend:

    Write me in DM spigot
    Write me in Discord support server

    Stable edition, 1.0.0 and up provides 4 rules.

    Rapid response to a threat
    Fast Feedback

    [#] Features

    1. Support PlaceHolderAPI
    2. Support Vault Plugin
    3. Custom Join and Quit Messages
    4. Custom Help Command
    5. Broadcast Command
    6. Rules Command
    7. Join Motd
    8. Auto Broadcast
    9. Anti Plugin
    10. Anti Spam
    11. ClearChat (global + specified player)
    12. ToggleChat
    13. Blocked Messages
    14. Custom msg + reply Format
    15. Custom Chat Format
    16. Social Spy
    broadcast: rttchat.broadcast
    HelpReply: rttchat.helpop.reply
    clearchat: rttchat.clearchat
    togglechat: rttchat.togglechat
    rttchat: rttchat.command
    rttchat help: rttchat.command.help
    rttchat reload: rttchat.command.reload
    rules: rttchat.rules
    socialspy: rttchat.socialspy
    staffchat: rttchat.staffchat
    staffchat someone: rttchat.staffchat.other
    antispam bypass: rttchat.antispam.bypass
    antiswear bypass: rttchat.antiswear.bypass
    antiswear notify: rttchat.antiswear.bypass

    Professional solution - related to for communities with increased stress
    No trackers

    Rtt Developement Plugins rules:

    1) No refunds
    2) plugin/license can not be redistribute, leaked, shared
    3) plugin can not be decompile
    4) I am able to revoke the access to the plugin
    5) Terms of service may be subject to change
    6) When you are using my products you automatically accept my terms and conditions
    7) If you didn't read this terms and condition you
    8) Terms and conditions apply if you don't read them

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Recent Reviews

  1. podval
    Version: 1.0
    Very simple and nice! Now my chat on vanilla looking better :)
    Thanks RTT Developing for free plugins :>
    1. shaawkat_haq
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review sir <3
  2. Killer123451
    Version: 1.0
    amazing plugin a must have for all servers that need a chat management i used it in my server really great keep it up good dev
    1. shaawkat_haq
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review sir <3