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Unique plugin for Homes and Warps in GUI

  1. Version 2d - fixed /setwarp

    Fixed error when executed command /setwarp without any arguments
  2. Version 2c - fixed sounds

    Fixed teleportation countdown sound for version 1.9.x - 1.12.x

    If you are having error while trying to teleport on versions 1.9.x - 1.12.x go to plugin/Warps/sounds.yml and change Teleportation.Countdown from NOTE_PLING to BLOCK_NOTE_PLING
  3. Version 2b

    Added private warps - warps that can only see people with permission warps.private and their creators! Private wawp can be created with command /setwarp <name> private with permission warps.setwarp.private

    Fixed bug with edit warp GUI
  4. Version 2a

    Added teleportation and countdown messages to the messages.yml config file
    Fixed wrong sound for teleportation on version 1.12 - 1.9
  5. Version 2

    Added option to change wether or not teleporting to specific warp needs permission (warps.usewarp.<warp>)
    Added needs permission switch to the EditWarp GUI

    Fixed countdown sound not playing
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  6. Version 1a - support for 1.8.x

    Added support for version 1.8.x
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  7. Completely rewritten - version 1


    • Infinite number of Warps nad Homes
    • Countdowns​
    • Cooldowns​
    • Changable messages and sounds​
    • Option to rename Home/Warp after it was created​
    • Option to change Warp icon after it was created​
    • ...​
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  8. Fixed some bugs, inv sizing

    Fixed some bugs.
    Inv sizing:
    If you have 1 home, the GUI will have 9 slots. If you have 11 homes, the GUI will have 18 slots and so on... Same with warps

    obr.png sggd.png hda.png
  9. Added metrics

    Added bStats metrics.
  10. Fixed few bugs, added 1.8 support!

    Fixed few bugs, added 1.8 support!