✨Drag n' Drop Recipes✨| Unique Crafting System 0.0.4

Drag and drop items on top of each other to create something better!

  1. FallenDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    OG_Ali, MrShawn
    Languages Supported:
    Custom messages file.

    This plugin adds a whole new crafting system to the game. You can simply open your inventory and drag two items on top of each other to create a new item. You can also add as many recipes as you want using the in-game recipe creation GUI. All you have to do is drag n' drop this plugin into your plugins folder!

    • Unique drag n' drop crafting system.
    • Unlimited custom recipes.
    • GUI-based recipe creation.
    • Two-way crafting option.
    • Customizable crafting sound.
    • Customizable plugin messages.
    • Lag-free plugin.
    • No setup needed. (Drag n' Drop in your plugin folder, and you're set)!
    • Add optional permissions to use a recipe
    • Add a optional default permission for all recipes


    • /recipe create <recipe name> : Open creation gui (permission: dndrecipe.create)
    • /recipe remove <recipe name> : Remove a recipe (permission: dndrecipe.remove)
    • /recipe replace <recipe name> : Replace an existing recipe (permission: dndrecipe.replace)
    • /recipe list : List all recipes (permission: dndrecipe.list)
    • /recipe info <recipe name> : View recipe info (permission: dndrecipe.info , dndrecipe.admin - allows clicking to take an item from the info menu)
    • /recipe reload <recipe name> : Reload plugin (permission: dndrecipe.reload)
    • /recipe setperm <recipe name> <permission> : Set a permission to use a recipe (permission: dndrecipe.setperm)
    • /recipe setchance <recipe name> <chance> : Set a success chance for a recipe (permission: dndrecipe.setchance)

    To get support or request a feature you can join our discord.
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Recent Reviews

  1. kingOf0
    Version: 0.0.4
    it was really something I was planning to do, it came before me and now I use it. It's a great plugin.