✨MinecraftParty✨ ➔ 10 Minigames 1.7

Every 60 seconds all players play a different game.

  1. Update 1.4

    • The Vault dependency is now mandatory.
    • String "next_round_30_seconds" changed to "next_round"
    • Added string "messages.countdown" to customize the start countdown of the mini-games.
    • The descriptions of the minigames have been changed, now they have more decoration.
    • Added string "after_countdown", a decoration message that warns when you have started a minigame.
    • The number of particles that appear at death in the MineField mini-game has been reduced.
    • Fixed bug that prevents the regeneration of RedAlert mini game.
    Changes in the configuration files: https://github.com/chuky025/PartyGames/commit/a1fe8df63d1f84c9854162ae6e8d6814d396980c
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