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Every 60 seconds all players play a different game.

  1. Update 1.6

    IMPORTANT: The configuration of this version is not compatible with previous versions.
    • The plugin is now open source.
    • New Scoreboard system
    • Added support for Mysql
    • Fixed tps drop in minigames
    • Spectators will now be able to move freely.
    • Now the commands for administrators will have to be accessed from the /mpa command. /mp is for players only.
    • The shop is now much more customizable from the shop.yml file.
    • The options.yml file is now named settings.yml
    • Optimized and reordered code.
    • Most of the bugs have been fixed.
    • And other changes

    Collaborate in the project: https://github.com/Whirss/MinecraftParty
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