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Every 60 seconds all players play a different game.

  1. Update 1.7

    To update to this version we recommend deleting the settings.yml file and reconfiguring it.​
    • Bungee mode added
    • PlaceholderAPI variables support added
    • Added plugin variables for PlaceholderAPI
    • Reordered settings.yml file.
    • Pressure plates will no longer explode in all minigames, only in Minefield.
    • Now when stepping on the plates in Minefield, they will disappear.
    • The /mpa reload command now reloads all files (previously config.yml only).
    • Improved deadend minigame
    • Code improvements and small fixes
    Changes in the code: https://github.com/Whirss/MinecraftParty/compare/1.6...1.7
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