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Has all the essentials everyone needs for their server

  1. BL4CK98
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Ruby Essentials
    Ruby Essentials is an essentials plugin made super fast, it is super optimized for any server and updates are going to come as soon as possible.

    To set-up this plugin just drag and drop the .jar file into the plugins folder, start your server and your are done!
    /rubyessentials | The help command
    /fly | Works in survival mode too
    /fly < PlayerName > | Fly mode for any player
    /feed | Restores your hunger bar
    /feed < PlayerName > | Restores a player's hunger bar
    /heal | Restores your health and your hunger bar
    /heal < PlayerName > | Restores a player's health and hunger bar
    /gm <0|1|2|3> | Sets a gamemode to you
    /ec | Opens your personal EnderChest
    /wb | Opens a crafting table
    /ench | Opens a enchantment table
    /day | Sets the time to day
    /night | Sets the time to night
    /noon | Sets the time to noon
    /rain | Changes the weather to rain
    /sun | Changes the weather to sun
    /v | Makes you invisible to normal players
    You can assign permissions to players using LuckPerms
    You will be automatically teleported to the spawn if you have the permission: ruby.rubyessentials.spawn.autoteleport.
    Another highlight: You can set a display name for players by giving them specific permissions!

    ruby.rubyessentials.fly | Permission to fly
    ruby.rubyessentials.time | Authorization to change the time
    ruby.rubyessentials.gamemode | Authorization to use the / gm command
    ruby.rubyessentials.heal | You can heal yourself and others
    ruby.rubyessentials.feed | You can satiate yourself and others
    ruby.rubyessentials.vanish | You can make yourself invisible to normal players
    ruby.rubyessentials.spawn.set | You can set the spawn
    ruby.rubyessentials.ec | You can open your Enderchest with a command
    ruby.rubyessentials.wb | You can open a workbench with a command
    ruby.rubyessentials.enchant | You can open an enchanter with a command
    ruby.rubyessentials.spawn.autoteleport | You will be automatically teleported to the spawn after each rejoin.




      • Add more to the config.yml
      • Add Custom welcome message
      • Add tpa
      • Add warps


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  1. IncarnateWill
    Version: 1.0
    Easy and simple to use. It doesn t have much permissions but it s still a nice plugin for basic SMP servers or small servers