✪ SuperLobbyDeluxe | [1.8.8 - 1.13.x] Recoded beta✪ 4.0.7

Super Lobby It is a plugin for your lobby, allowing you to customize many things

  1. Great update, recoded all the code.

    Update not compatible with previous versions, configuration, nodes and functions were changed completely.
    It is recommended to backup all the configuration of previous versions.

    Bugs fixed:
    The fire no longer spreads in the blocks when disable-block-burn is activated.
    Fixed the textures of the heads.

    New nodes are added to custom events. (join-comands, join-gamemode).
    New nodes are added to menu items. (no-permision-message).
    Configuration compatible with utf8 characters
    New parameter for the skulls: "web: <player>" to obtain the textures directly from the web of Mojang.
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