✪ UHC Scenarios ✪ Manager GUI, New Rates, Voting GUI & +60 Scenarios 4.0.0 Final

It gives you the possibility to put different scenarios without having a UHC plugin have it

  1. Final Free Version, Permissions for max votes & Fixed Bugs

    I have worked a lot on this plugin so it has been incredible now I have developed a version with 100 scenarios but will not continue free I think there will be no problem in that since I dedicate a lot of time to the plugin the link of the version will be as soon as spigot accepts the 5USD price plugin (not a very high price :D)

    » Permission of maximum votes example scenarios.vote.max.3 the maximum of votes is scenarios.vote.max.10

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  2. New feature Rates Menu

    It is recommended to delete the lang.yml to avoid bugs.

    » Add the menu of selection of prices of Apple, Plumas, String and Flint you can open the menu using /rates
    » Recodeo finalized I will fix more mistakes little by little report me if you see.
  3. Fix Bugs

    Ω Fixed Ω
    » In version 1.11.2 the items were not seen in the voting menu
    » The vote count starts from one
  4. Voting Menu, English Traduction & Voting Defaults

    » Voting GUI There has been added a menu of voting scenarios ... The scenarios that will appear in this menu will be defined by you, in the configuration of the plugin in the section of VotingScenarios. Each scenario has a maximum of 1 vote and each user can only vote 2 scenarios. Each scenario has a maximum of votes that you can define in the configuration and also the minimum amount of votes that requires a scenario to be activated must...
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  5. Permission per Scenarios, Startup Scenarios and Fixes Bugs

    - I have added permisions per scenarios, like scenarios.manage.(scenario) or scenarios.manage.* (adds all scenarios permissions)
    - Now you can set to configuration, which scenaruis will be active by default when the server is started

    - The lenguage file creation system has been changed, because it didnt update by itself when more lines where added.

    - I will add voting system so that users can vote which scenarios they want and if that scenario has enough amount of...
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  6. Infinity Lore, Fux Bug TimeBomb & new Lang.yml

    - New config file Lang.yml here you have separate what has to do with the language of the plugin
    - Hologram in the scenario TimeBomb with timer of 30 at 0

    - Now the smells of the items you can make them with a string list so you can put and remove the lines you want (delete the old Scenarios folder)

    - In the TimeBomb scenario the chest did not explode when the time was up
    - Timber active in all time
  7. NMS Support, Order GUI, Fixed Many Bugs

    New Beta:
    - NMS Versions Support 1.7/1.8.X/1.9.X/1.10.X/1.11.X please if you have a bug report me in PM

    - Four GUI´s
    - New Command "/blocks" open scenarios type blocks
    - New Command "/cancels" open scenarios type cancels
    - New Command "/common" open scenarios type others
    - New Command "/players" open scenarios type players

    - Now the scenarios enable and disable GUI is sorted by categories you can open each of them in the menu or with the commands

    Fixed Many Bugs and...
  8. Bug in Scenario Compensation

    Fixed Big Bug:
    - There was a big mistake that had not been taken into account when players entered the server again with a full life
  9. Added GUI for Enable or Disable Scenarios, New command & Fixed Bugs

    - New Feature GUI for enable or disable scenarios [BETA] report bugs in PM please
    - Then sort the scenarios by categories and avoid putting items of...
  10. +14 Scenarios, Command Help

    - New command /scenarios help
    - +14 Scenarios Following:
    ⇀ VeinMiner - Mining a block while shifting break blocks of the same type in a chain reaction, giving you the blocks at the end. Only works if you re using the right tool for the block type, and yes, it does break your tools.
    ⇀ NotShiny - Enchant tables and anvils are not craftable.
    ⇀ NoGoingBack - Once you go to the Nether, there is no going back to the Overworld. Once you go to...