✭ HubSecret - Funny secret search activity for hubs / lobbys ✭ 0.1

Let players search secrets and reward them with anything (commands can be set)!

  1. IsamuSoftware
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    I released a premium plugin on mc-market, check it out:

    Icon: https://freeicons.io/business-icon-set-02/flag-search-find-magnifier-zoom-glass-country-·-national-·-nation-·-world-icon-30067#

    What are the features?

    - Config to change the signs text (All signs have the same "design")
    - Commands that can be set to a sign as reward or something (per sign, not just for all at once)
    - Delete a secret at anytime and place, you dont have to break it personally, just use a command and it will deleted and removed!
    - You can reset the states for the signs when starting or shutting down the server using the config variable
    - The signs can execute the commands as server (For critcal commands) or as player (Not so critical)
    - Not just one messge for everything, you can create a unlimited list for every situation (three are given), so it will never be boring!

    Just experience it!

    But why would I need this plugin?

    You can give the players more, let them do something while they are in the lobby / hub. Let them search for signs and reward them with different things!

    You can easily create unlimited secrets and unlimited random messages, it wont be boring using this plugin!

    What commands / permissions exist?

    To set edit the command for a secret, use the command below or set the command in the signs.yml (Would need a restart)
    ATTENTION: If using /hs cmd, the command you want to add has to be in brackets or quotes (This " symbol).

    /hs cmd [secretname] "command in quotes" - hubsecret.setcommand

    To remove a secret and it's sign, use the command down below or break the sign, the sign can only be broken if you have the permissions and if you sneak while you break it, otherwise it will just not break.

    /hs remove [secretname] - hubsecret.remove
    Breaking the sign also needs - hubsecret.remove

    To create a secret and it's sign, watch the .gif down below, important is here that you have the permission - hubsecret.create while creating.

    How do I create a secret?
    Spigotmc (no gif):

    Mirror-1 (gif file):


    Permission: hubsecret.create or operator rights needed!

    Config and what is important?

    You can change everything, just beware the prefix under "signdesign", it is also the creation code so if in config is "&1[&aHubSecret&1]" you have to write in the first line of the sign [hubsecret], no colors, just the text. If you change it, the same lets say it is "&a[&fServerSecrets&a]" then you would have to write [serversecrets] in the first line of the sign.



    - Maybe a mysql ability, but the secrets are for every single lobby so it wouldnt make much sense..


    Feel free to decompile and play around but be aware of the license, as stated below, for decompiling I would use:


    Support my free work: https://ko-fi.com/isamu

    The tool is licensed under “GNU General Public License v3.0”

    Read more at: https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0

    A license is included within the plugin itself