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Create unlimited custom messages and commands to inform the players! - EASY!

  1. IsamuSoftware
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    I released a premium plugin on mc-market, check it out:

    Icon: https://freeicons.io/office-and-workstation-icons-3/about-icon-18703

    But why would I need this plugin?
    You have seen a lot plugins that allow you to use /website /ts3 /discord etc... this plugin simplifies the process and gives you the ability to add as much informations as you want, really as much as you want to.

    You use the command /our [configentry] and write behind what you want to know. Let's say /our website - Will print the content in the config.yml, see the example below for more informations and examples.

    What commands exist?
    You use the command /our [configentry] and configentry can be replaced by WHAT YOU WANT, you can create a entry in config for example named "spigotmc" then you can do /our [spigotmc] and it will display.

    What are the permissions / Who can use /gb and control it?
    Everybody can use /our, because there is no configuration possible ingame, just in the config.yml.

    If it is not in the config file, it will just show the "This does not exist" message in chat, nothing else happens.​

    How do I create another entry or info?

    Example entry:
    'exampleinfo:&9This &4is &2my &7text'

    exampleinfo - Is the name/key that is used after /our [exampleinfo]
    &9This &4is &2my &7text - Is the text or stuff that is display as message

    What does the config.yml look like?

    You can change the prefix, enable it or disable it and change any other message, thats what this plugin is about.

    Only if you made a heavy mistake in the config file, it will display a message that can not be changed, so you know when you messed up.


    What does it look like in-game?

    Take a look at the example picture below - /our website



    - Maybe a mysql ability, so all servers can access a database of answers


    Feel free to decompile and play around but be aware of the license, as stated below, for decompiling I would use:

    Support my free work: https://ko-fi.com/isamu

    The tool is licensed under “GNU General Public License v3.0”

    Read more at: https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0
    A license is included within the plugin itself​

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