✭UltraCSM✭ Custom Server Messages [BETA] 1.0.0

Join,FirstJoin,Leave,Death & Title Messages | PerGroup System all in one quick and simple GUI

  1. superabdo
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    iuui (4).png
    Ultra CSM is a very light-weighted plugin to control your server messages
    and your player join and leave settings Many features will be added in the future.
    this is the Ultra Version of CSM.
    You can configure everything via quick and simple GUI or with config files.
    notic, not all features included in this version.
    • Join | FirstJoin | leave | Death Message
    • Welcome Motd | FirstJoin Motd
    • Join Title | SubTitle With FadeIn | Stay | FadeOut
    • Bypass-Permission for everything to bypass messages
    • ability to enable | disable every feature
    • Group System
    • fully customizable settings for groups
    • Join | Leave Message for each group
    • Title | SubTitle for each group
    • custom permission for each group
    • custom Item Material for each group
    • option to set group for op players
    • ability to enable | disable each group
    • supports ColorCodes
    • supports PlaceHolderAPI
    • supports HexColor (Only For Minecraft Version: 1.16)
    • use color codes, PlaceHolders, or HexColor in Chat
    • I will add more SOON.
    iuui (8).png
    iuui (6).png
    • /csm >> open main GUI
    • /csm help >> show help menu
    • /csm info >> show information about the plugin
    • csm.* >> give access to all permissions and commands
    • csm.use >> give access to use csm commands
    • csm.chat.color >> to use color codes in chat
    • csm.chat.placeholders >> to use placeholders and placeholder API in chat
    • csm.hexcolor >> to use hexcolor in chat
    iuui (5).png

    UltraCSM has its own placeholders >>
    • %name% >> get player name
    • %displayname% >> get player displayname
    • %world% >> get player current world name
    • %gamemode% >> get player current gamemode
    also you can use any placeholder you want from PlaceHolder API.

    PlaceHolder API is not required to run UltraCSM
    but to use some useful features of the plugin.

    iuui (9).png
    UltraCSM will be much better in the next updates

    • add GUI settings
    • add broadcast
    • and more

    Join my discord server to get help and support
    and to see the latest news of upcoming updates
    report any bugs found



    Found any BUG Please report it!
    If you want to use this plugin on public servers or for a Youtube video you can.(y)

    BY. SuperAbdo