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  1. Killer123451
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    Any Languauge the config is Configurable
    » Introduction
    !!!! This Version is Demo version if you want to buy the premium version with more feature more loot types you can buy it here .. !!!!!

    Are you looking for the best SkyPvP plugin out there? are you tired of looking and searching for good skypvp ? did you find old / outdated plugins ? Look no further. i introduce you my SkyPvP Plugin full of feature.

    Please Read Before installing:
    • The plugin now can work without mysql [use sqlite]
    • Go to the plugin Folder and make new Folder Called (DataBase).
    • There are discord server for support , ask question you can join here : https://discord.gg/HN2N3JycJ7
    • the review section is not the place to add bad review , bugs , etc .. if there is a bug join discord send me logs if there is a bug i will fix in no time .
    » Features
    • Mysql Connection to the database [you may edit the information in the config.yml]
    • added sqlite support
    • added new Hologram Top 10 kills
    • Shop system [/skypvp shopspawn &aShop ] this command will spawn a ironGolem [shop] when you click it it will open the shop gui ..
    • Loot System !!! [HOT] this is the best feature you could find it here it's not available in any other plugin ..
    • Kits system .. editable kits
    • no flicker Scoreboard
    • and much more!

    » Commands:
    • /skypvp help [show help]
    • /skypvp setspawn
    • /skypvp settopkills
    • /skypvp king number [this is to set the spawn for the loot system , you can do any spawns numbers you like
      example : /skypvp king 1 [you can add multiaple spawns ..]
    • /skypvp fix [fix player location if he is glitches
    • /skypvp trash [open the trash menu ..]
    • /skypvp stats
    • /skypvp setkit [kitname] [permission] this command add the kit you want to add to the kits.yml , when player join he will get the kit [specficed by the permissions ! you need a permissions plugin like : LuckPerms , permissionEx .. etc
    • /skypvp heal
    • /skypvp givep playername points [this command add points to specfic player ,, [need op or skypvp.owner]

    » Images

    [Everything in the configs is editable ..


    » New Config File :

    now all messages are stored in messages.yml


    » Set TopKills Hologram:
    you need op , after you get op you Execute this command
    [/skypvp settopkills]


    the Hologram have a 1 minute delay ....

    » add Spawn Location

    ofc you need op ..

    » add loot system location
    /skypvp king [number]

    like ./skypvp king 1
    etc ..
    You need to have op [ask server owner] ..

    there are 1 kinds of loot [this is demo version you can get only 1 loot type ] ..


    when you right click the loot , it drop a custom item [not editable at the moment] ..


      • King
    » Spawn Shop
    /skypvp shopspawn &aSky-PvP&dShop
    you can change the name of the shop to anything you like .. [no space..]


    if you need help in my plugin or you have a bug contact me in discord ..


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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Top Kills
  2. New System!
  3. added non obfustace version [sorry]

Recent Reviews

  1. Enter_____
    Version: 1.3.7 [DEMO]
    An all-in-one solution for SkyPVP server. Good work |
  2. Fares2005
    Version: 1.3.3 DEMO
    The plugin is very good in that it is free and in terms of the features in it, and I advise everyone to use it
  3. hyperion_efe
    Version: 1.3.1
    Very good and always up-to-date plugin. Best core ever for your SkyPvP server!!!
  4. AbderrahimLach
    Version: 1.3.1
    Amazing update with a very nice SkyPvP plugin! Keep up those amazing & fun updates! <3
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      will do thanks bro
  5. jsjsjd
    Version: 1.3.0
    I've seen your plugin "Core-Skypvp" on spigotmc, it's fantastic!!!!!
    I'm a Chinese server owner using the plugin. Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to MCBBS? Many Chinese server owners want a translated language file, and I can help them. You know not all of them are good at English, they can't read your post (Even with Google translator) they need a Chinese translator. I'll show them your spigotmc page and let them download the plugin here. I'll NEVER claim it as mine, I just wanna translate it and let more people know it. I'll NEVER leak the jar file.
    Hope for your reply!
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      you can translate it , you can send them the link to download it that is oky my friend ;)
  6. Jafar
    Version: 1.2.8
    Such good plugin But i wish kits are editable And we have options to disable stuff like scoreboard tab message ect But, overall Good plugin.
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      thank you so much for your review i will try to do kits.yml as soon as possible ..
  7. Enter_____
    Version: 1.2.7
    Good solution for a server of this topic. It is not just a plugin, it is a whole core that provides several functions. It is a little upsetting that the plugin does not have unique features, but in general it is a good resource. thanks for making it!

    I hope that this resource will be updated and more update and more update to come!
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      Thank you sir for your Rivew i will try my best to update and add new feature big update is coming home [mysql support] ^^
  8. AbderrahimLach
    Version: 1.2.7
    A Great plugin from a great developer, I hope you continue on this amazing progress <3
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      thank you bro for your review i will try my best to add new feature and make it the best plugin for skypvp ^^
  9. shaawkat_haq
    Version: 1.2.6
    Good plugin i like it
    easy to use and fast support response amazin developer <3
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review do you have any other idea you want to see in the plugin?
  10. Paradaux
    Version: 1.2.5
    1. Killer123451
      Author's Response
      Sorry if you feel my code have a bad thing in it , i will update it without the obfuscate.. i didnt know the rules sorry ,