✯ TempGodMode ✯ Temporal GodMode with a button! 1.1

Players can activate GodMode during a specific time clicking a button!

  1. NewEraStudios
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    xDefcon, BlackDemonZ

    Did you ever wanted that your players can activate GodMode during a specific period of time just clicking a button? This plugin makes it posible!


    God mode during X configurable minutes
    You can configurate the time that the player will have GodMode

    100% configurable
    You can configurate all the plugin and messages

    The plugin will send how many hours minutes or seconds you last for your GodMode activation

    24 hours after the player can activate GodMode again

    It has to pass 24 hours between every GodMode activation

    Button to activate GodMode
    You must specify the Coords X, Y and Z where the button is located in order to make that button activate GodModes to players


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