✯Custom Enchantments 2 [1.16-1.18]✯ 2.1.5c

70+ Custom Enchants, Lucky Loots, RPG feels and more, its Free!

  1. JayMar921
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Languages Supported:

    • A plugin that brings fun into the server, this plugin contains Custom Enchantments, Lucky Treasures, Custom Equipment Status, and more!!
    • Turn your vanilla minecraft into next level! Plus it's a FREE plugin!
    • The developer is not responsible for any issues if you have a lot of plugins in your server causing plugin incompatibility.
    How do I open the enchantment shop?
    • Simple, just type /enchantshop or /es to open the custom enchantment shop GUI.
    Enchant Shop GUI
    How do I change the enchantment prices?
    • After you run the plugin for the first time, it will generate a config.yml where you can edit the prices.
    What version of Minecraft should I use?
    • This custom enchantment v2 plugin was developed on Minecraft version 1.16.4 and it has been tested to work in the new version 1.16.5 and it also supports all the versions of 1.16 but it is highly recommended to use 1.16.4 for stable use.
    • Version 2.0.6A and above will only work on 1.17+
    How do I enchant my stuff?
    1. Right click on the enchantment book in your main hand.
    2. Switch to your tool/weapon/armor that you want to enchant.
    3. Right click again while holding the item in your main hand.
    4. For enchanting tutorial, click here. (2.1.0 up)

    Storm Ally [Deny friendly fire on a storm cast to an allied player] 2.1.0 up
    • /storm_ally_list - Show the list of storm allies
    • /storm_all {player} - Add a player to storm ally list
    • /remove_storm_ally {player} - remove a player in storm ally list
    • /customenchantment or /ce - give access to reload, give and remove
    • /ce reload - reloads the config.yml
    • /ce give [enchantment] - give you specific custom enchantment
    • /ce remove [enchantment] {player} - remove an enchantment from an item that the player holds
    • /ce particles - enable/disable player particles
    • /ce foodpocket - enable/disable fooddpocket
    • /ce hideParticipate - hide player from showing on boss defeat participation event
    • /ce item [class] - get a class of items that can only be found through lucky treasures
    • /ce glow - glows a player when they have Custom Enchants
    • /ce worldguard - disable enchants from breaking blocks in a region(2.1.4 and below)
    • /ce resethealth - resets all players health to 20.0 (2.1.4 and up)
    • /enchantshop or /es - Opens the Shop GUI to buy custom enchantments

    Soft Dependency plugin [This plugin can still run without these plugins]
    UPDATE 2.1.4 and above:
    Bosses and Raids are removed, it has been transferred to a new plugin 'EpicMobs'​


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    Is this plugin available in Aternos?

    Is there a plugin wiki?



    [70+ Custom Enchants, More updates soon!!]

    Want the bosses back? Check the new 'Epic Mobs' plugin

    Any Concerns?


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Recent Updates

  1. Update 2.1.5c
  2. Update 2.1.5b
  3. Update 2.1.5a

Recent Reviews

  1. OfficialCreeper
    Version: 2.1.5c
    This plugin is awesome just want to know how do I get a grappling hook without commands?
  2. lvanko
    Version: 2.1.5c
    Sorry for the low rate but I think it's fair. I do not reccomend using this plugin on serious servers where you can not afford ending survival season just for bugs. The plugin has a terrible duplication bug (explained in the discussion and still works), also many bugs that can't be resolved - worldguard support is poor - can't block pvp and spell damage in safe regions, safe zones or even in certain worlds. Basicaly you get no support - tried 3 days begging in the Discord server - no staff member answers to any questions. Wiki page does not provide full information for server owners... Seems like an abandoned plugin.
  3. streamgggaming
    Version: 2.1.5c
    I haven't try this plugin because it says:
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Enabling CustomEnchantments v2.1.5c
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Supports PvPManager Plugin
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] World Guard Implemented
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] WorldGuard hooked
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Loading language pack [ENGLISH]
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Loading Runnables
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Registering Enchantments
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Registering Enchantments [LOADED]
    [02:07:20 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Loading Experience Modifier
    [02:07:21 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [CustomEnchantments] Checking Config File
    [02:07:21 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [CustomEnchantments] [config.yml is up to date, no issues found.]
    [02:07:21 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Loading Enchantment price data
    [02:07:21 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] GUI has been refreshed
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Disabling Enchantments with price '0'
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] Disable Enchantments Complete
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] /ce reload will not enable the 'disabled' enchantments
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] You have to restart the Server to enable enchantments
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [CustomEnchantments] [Death Head is Disabled]
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [CustomEnchantments] [Custom Loots is Enabled]
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [CustomEnchantments] [EnchantedTree enabled: false | FrozenTree enabled: false]
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [Anti Dupe Enabled]
    [02:07:23 INFO]: [CustomEnchantments] [CustomEnchantments] [LOADED]

    please fix it and i give you 5 star because this plugin look nice
  4. GamerDr_Lemon
    Version: 2.1.5c
    The plugin is very good, however, the soul eater enchantment seem like doesnt increase the damage!
    I have like 1k souls and it still do normal damage
  5. emmm
    Version: 2.1.5c
    good plugin for freeplayer,this plugin is fun for me and my friend.but how to edit the /ce vanish cooldown,i have no idea even i try to edit the config
  6. mrdado243
    Version: 2.1.5c
    fix this Could not pass event BlockBreakEvent to CustomEnchantments v2.1.5c
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot drop air
  7. Lucaaas7u7
    Version: 2.1.5c
    Why is it not recommended to use on large servers?
    Does it take up a lot of resources?
    1. JayMar921
      Author's Response
      Hello, actually it can run in larger servers but the more plugins installed in the server, incompatibility might cause an issue
  8. Faceguy
    Version: 2.1.5a
    When I first saw this plugin, I thought, there's no way there could be 1999 enchantments. It turns out, I was right, and there were only 60+. I thought there were 2116 minus 117 enchants because it said "Custom Enchantments 2 [1.16-1.17]"

    I'd still recommend it though. They're pretty great.
    1. JayMar921
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for using my plugin :D I'll do my best to add more features in the future
    Version: 2.1.4b
  10. User_pt
    Version: 2.1.3g
    BROOO i removed this plugin and players still have glowing effect on them forever even if i do /effect clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck this plugin