✯Kumandra's Economy[1.16-1.18]✯ 1.5

SQL Database, Primary/Secondary Economy, Trading, Shops, Delivery, Quests, Jobs, FREE PLUGIN!

How to use the plugin

How to check player balance?
do /kumandra Balance, a GUI will open showing the player Balance, Level, and Jobs. The player can also exchange the currency if there is another economy plugin that exists in the server.

How to deliver items to other players?
do /kumandra Deliver {Player Name}, a GUI will open that allows the sender to choose what mode of delivery he/she will avail. Delivery works on Cross Dimensions, allowing players to send items to another player on different dimensions.

How to use Economy command?
/kumandra Economy {Player Name} deduct [amount] - deduct a player balance depending on the amount of deduction.
/kumandra Economy {Player Name} deposit [amount] - deposit an amount to player's account.
/kumandra Economy {Player Name} reset - resets the player's economy account.

How to get jobs?
A player should do /kumandra jobs. A Jobs UI will show, allowing the player to select his/her preferred in-game jobs.

How do I pay?
/kumandra pay {Player Name} [amount]. Allows the player to send money to other players in-game.

How do I locate nearby shops?
/kumandra shops

How do I create a shop?
tutorial here: youtube link

How do I trade?
The player you want to trade must be online, do /Kumandra Trade {Player Name} to start trading