✯UltimateChat 2✯ | ✅1.7.x-1.14.x ✅ The simplest chat manager with all the features you need! 2.4.0

The easiest and most simple yet useful chat manager for 1.7-1.14!

  1. Possible fix for 1.14

    Possible fix for 1.14 untested
  2. Fixed 1.14 incompatibility bug

    Fixed 1.14 incompatibility bug
  3. 2.2.0

    Fixed commands
    /Ultimatechat help

    - Modified perms
    - ultimatechat.admin is the new permission for all commands
  4. 2.1.0

    - Cleaned Code.
    - Minor Bug Fixes.
    - Finally Really Truly Fixed Blocked Words.
    - 1.14 Support.
    - Redesigned and bug fixed Config folder.
    - Corrected typos in code.
    - Removed Useless Code.
    - Using MetricsLite to lower the server load.
  5. 1.13 Relist Notice

    This is not an update of the resource, more about the news
    I am unfortunately going to stop developing this plugin further unless it's requested. discord Lertu#9095.
    This is just a notice that this supports 1.13
    I will be updating this to support the latest spigot.
    Please don't contact me to transfer ownership.
  6. UltimateChat2 Release!

    Fixed DiscordSRV issue
    Fixed Many bugs and compatibility issues

    Reduced Plugin Size
  7. Inactive update

    I am sorry I am no longer active for coding now.
    Read Page

    Discord Lertu#9978
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  8. Major Update 1.8

    Added ability to censor worlds in config
  9. Put right jar

    Put correct jar
  10. Minot Update

    Added UltraPermissions Support