❄ ElementalAutoSmelt ❄ v1.0.0

Light-weight, easy to use, high quality plugin to turn mined ores into ingots!

  1. ElementalGamingX
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:

    ElementalAutoSmelt pic2.png

    Simple plugin that allows you to let your player automatically turn mined ores into ingots!
    (Can be used as a donator perk!)

    - /autosmelt info - View the current config file information.
    - /autosmelt reload - Reload configuration file.

    - Opped players get access to all commands and events.
    - Message design and configuration file fully customizable.

    Permissions pic.png

    - elementalautosmelt.* | Access to all plugin command and events.
    - elementalautosmelt.access | Permission to auto-smelt ores.

    Code (Text):
    # Thanks for downloading my plugin; ElementalAutoSmelt! Created by ElementalGaming.
    # Do not remove the ' ' for the messages or the plugin won't work properly. If you are having any issues with the plugin, just delete the config file and restart your server.

    # If this is true, all players will be able to automatically smelt ores based off your config settings.
    auto-smelt_enabled: true

    # Set this to true if you want players to require the permission "elementalautosmelt.access" to auto-smelt ores. If false, all players will be able auto-smelt ores. ("auto-smelt_enabled" must be set to true for this to work)
    permission_required: false

    # Item that players can use to auto-smelt ores. (Use item Material ID's. Can be found at https://helpch.at/docs/1.8.8/org/bukkit/Material.html)
    item_material: DIAMOND_PICKAXE

    # Edit the information on the Iron Ore.
        drop_chance: 50
        drop_amount: 1

    # Edit the information on the Gold Ore.
        drop_chance: 50
        drop_amount: 1

    # If true, this will send a message to the player when they smelt a mined ore. If false, this will do nothing.
    announce_to_player: true

    # Edit the design of the messages for the plugin commands.
        primary_color: '&b'
        secondary_color: '&f'
        config_reloaded: '&aConfiguration File Reloaded.'
        no_perm: '&4You do not have access to that command.'

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