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  1. MedievalGaming
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Baleful RPG is an attempt to create a skript much like something you'd find in a typical MMORPG, such as World of Warcraft, Guildwars, or Elder Scrolls. Currently it displays a player leveling system, which in time will be used to base the ability to equip items off of your level.

    In the future there are plans to have custom gear sets, custom merchants selling custom gear, and mob leveling that has a chance to drop custom loot!

    Currently Contains:
    - Guilds
    - Mob/Player Leveling
    - Parties
    - Customized Armor | Still Being Worked On



    /rpg character | Opens a Custom GUI to view all Character Information
    /rpg weapon | Gives a Set of Customized Gear, to Test Health System and Character System
    /party help | Use "/party help" to see a full list of commands
    /party create
    /party leave
    /party join
    /party accept
    /party reject
    /party kick
    /party disband
    /guild help | Use "/guild help" to see a full list of commands
    /guild create <guild> <description>
    /guild info <guild> | Currently Case Sensitive
    /guild desc set <desc> | Must be Leader
    /guild bank deposit <amount>
    /guild bank withdraw <amount> | Must be Leader, Co-Leader or Moderator
    /guild disband | Must be Leader


    To Be Added

    [~] Custom Item Sets | Soulbound Items | Tradeable with Party Involved in the Kill
    [~] Custom Damage detection based on lore of the item
    [~] Custom level requirements for Items
    [~] Locked Chests | Lockpicks
    [~] Rare Spawns
    [~] Custom Looting system | Loot Tables
    [~] Guilds | Guild Homes

    There will be more coming with this skript! Mob Leveling, RPG Gear, Set's, Set Bonuses, and more! This skript contains three different .yml files for configuration, and creates yml files for each player upon their join.

    If you have any issues please post them in the discussion forum or message me directly.

    If you have any ideas please feel free to contact me via the discussion forum, or private message!

    Personal Terms and Conditions:
    - You may NOT repost this skript to any other website.
    - You may NOT edit this skript and claim it as your own.
    - If you violate any of these plugin terms, you will be reported.

Recent Reviews

  1. XxTheRealLaxusxX
    Version: 1.4.7
    Sweet plugin But is it possible to make it so you can have it only work in a few worlds ???
  2. FrutyMango1
    Version: 1.4.7
    Great skript! But I think u did something wrong
    In the guild section theres no /guild leave variables
    1. MedievalGaming
      Author's Response
      I realize this, I am still not complete with the guilds portion yet. I am planning to work on everything some while I am on my 2.5 week vacation for the Holidays.
  3. Mehidk
    Version: 1.4.7
    Nice script dude, keep up the amazing work :D.......................................................
  4. Two
    Version: 1.4.2
    This is a great skript, I just have 1 suggestion. Give players lvl 0 or 1 as default (and many other other unset values). When I open my character page I see too many <none> when it could be 0 for example.
    1. MedievalGaming
      Author's Response
      Could you send me screenshots of what specifically you are talking about, because currently there are still a lot of incomplete systems. Also, on first join the player.yml should be created, and default values should be set, such as starting level
  5. xxNinexx
    Version: 1.3.2
    Very Nice Skript . just add more features as soon as possible

    1. MedievalGaming
      Author's Response
      I am working on it :D I have a lot planned for this Skript. Customized Damage Mitigation, Damage Reduction, Armor Ratings, Attributes, and much more! Thanks for the review! It means a lot! If you have any ideas, please, feel free to let me know via a Personal Message!
  6. Barbotto
    Version: 1.3.1
    I gave you 4 star to encourage you. Really an interesting project, but i'll use it when there will be less dependencies. I can't download 5 plugins to use 1, i need to pay attention to the ram of my server.
    1. MedievalGaming
      Author's Response
      Well, that's going to be a slight issue trying to lower the amount of dependencies, because this RPG system is going to get quite complex, it is going to have custom armor rates, custom damage reduction, customized damage system, Many extra sets, I am also planning to add support for multiple sword models with resource packs.

      I will try my best to remove the need for one or two of the dependencies, but I am unsure if it will be able to be done in the future, due to what I have planned.

      Also, it only requires Skript, and three skript addons right now, not a total of 5.

      But none the less, thanks for the review!