❤ Hugs, Kisses, Slaps ❤ BeSocial for 1.16 ❤ 11.0

This plugin provides chat-based social interaction. Now with particle effects!

  1. Mytchall
    Version: 11.0
    Good plugin, does what it says. Hoping to see improvements such as compatibility with /ignore or its own ignore features so players can mute specific players' actions.
  2. Permanently
    Version: 10.2
    Absolutely love it, players can interact in new ways now! However, I think players should be able to re-enable social interactions (maybe with a cooldown). Apart from that, good job!
    1. TheRealSpeedy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, Lava!

      The reason why I disabled the re-enabling feature for players is as follows: Players annoyed others, then disabled their Membership for BeSocial, so others can't annoy them back and after a while they re-enabled themselves again, annoyed other players, then disabled their account again, and so on.
      But I can implement this feature again with a permission attached to it, so admins can take away permission to use this feature for annoying players.
      I will put this on my ToDo list, thanks for the feedback.
  3. Henaminator
    Version: 9.0
    No cooldown feature on commands, so players can spam.
    1. TheRealSpeedy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for pointing out. Cooldown is now available in version 10.1
  4. BronyBStrings
    Version: 9.0
    I've been looking for a plugin to replace Hugs and I discovered this one! It works very nicely and I enjoy doing these actions towards other players especially good friends and significant others. I hope you see my suggestion in the discussion, though.