❮⚝❯ Cern Essentials ❮⚝❯ UUID-Supported (Closed for longer Time) 1.9.1

Featured essentials replacement with over 67 avaible commands and full UUID-Support.

  1. Changelog 1.9

    Changelog 1.9

    Added Commands:

    /me <message> ▬ Send an action message.
    Permissions: cern.me

    /say <message> ▬ Send an server message.

    Permissions: cern.say

    /tree ▬ Summon a tree on target block.

    Permissions: cern.tree

    /repair ▬ Repair the holding tool.
    Permissions: cern.repair

    /weather <sun|rain|storm> ▬ Change the weather.
    Permissions: cern.weather

    /sun|rain|storm ▬ Set the weather.
    Permissions: cern.weather

    /surface ▬ Teleport to the most top block.

    Permissions: cern.surface

    /jump ▬ Jump to the target block.
    Permissions: cern.jump

    /fireball ▬ Shoot a fireball.
    Permissions: cern.fireball

    /burn <player> <timespan> ▬ Ignite a player.
    Permissions: cern.burn

    /near <radius> ▬ Show players nearby.
    Permissions: cern.near
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