❮⚝❯ Cern Essentials ❮⚝❯ UUID-Supported (Closed for longer Time) 1.9.1

Featured essentials replacement with over 67 avaible commands and full UUID-Support.

  1. Changelog 1.9.1

    Changelog 1.9.1

    Added Features

    Option "messageTwice" can prevent players to send a message twice!

    Option "messageCooldown" prevents to spam in chat.

    If you add some words to the swearlist they will be blocked to sent.

    You can now dye wool and carpet doing right click on them with a colour.

    Added Commands

    /enchant <enchantment> <level> ▬ Enchant an item.

    Permissions: cern.enchant

    /disenchant ▬ Remove enchantments from item.

    Permissions: cern.disenchant

    /afk ▬ Away from keyboard.

    Permissions: cern.afk

    /swear <[add|remove]|list> [<word>] ▬ Block a word from chat.

    Permissions: cern.swear

    /signedit <line> <text> ▬ Change a signs text.

    Aliases: /Se
    Permissions: cern.signedit
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