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Set spawn at the location (When you want more features to spawn)

  1. Toldi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    This resource is not a RandomSpawn plugin!

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    Progress bar test

    ➢ Set spawn location where the player standing currently.
    ➢ Teleportation delay (in seconds)
    API for developers (implementing into project)
    ➢ Option to download the new releases without clicking download button.
    ➢ Import Essentials spawn to SetTheSpawn plugin.
    ➢ Player pay for doing something while teleporting (player moved, jumped or get damaged from other players)
    ➢ Progress bar, which displays the current teleport progress
    ➢ Checks whether the player doing something, while teleporting. (e.g. player moves, jump or get damage from other players)
    ➢ Playing effects, sounds or executing commands when a player has been teleported.
    ➢ Checks if the player is in void and teleports to spawn if exist
    ➢ Option to toggle the spawn command usage for players
    ➢ Option to repeat the teleport message output
    ➢ Option to prevent spawn use when player burning
    ➢ Ability to teleport to player bed spawn location instead of original spawn if set.
    ➢ Launching firework when the teleport is success.
    ➢ Per world spawn
    ➢ Per spawn cost, including sign cost
    ➢ Per group spawns, with this you can setup per group spawns with Vault groups
    ➢ Ability to set different target worlds before setting spawn, documentation here
    ➢ Option to teleport player to spawn when afk status is true (Requires EssentialsX)
    ➢ Basic gui setup for setting spawn point, removing, or teleporting.
    ➢ Remaining entities after teleport such as Horse, but all rideable entities are supported.
    ➢ Protect player for a specific time after teleport
    ➢ Send title & actionbar messages after teleport
    ➢ Checks for sneak mode while teleporting (why player presses Shift), to cancel the teleportation progress
    ➢ Disable worlds, to disable spawn usage in specific worlds
    ➢ Teleporting to spawn points when a player joins, or respawns
    ➢ Checking fly before teleport, to prevent spawn teleport while flying.
    ➢ Ability to set spawn signs to teleport the player to spawn point who clicked on it.
    ➢ Ability to respawn player at their anchor spawn block (1.16+)

    Commands moved to: https://github.com/montlikadani/SetTheSpawn/wiki/Commands-&-Permissions
    Feature comparison
    (Closed) Which spawn plugin is the best? Here

    Code (Text):
    # Save the switched spawn usage data to a file to load for specific players after server restart.
    remember-toggled-spawns-to-file: true

    # How many seconds have to wait for a player to be teleported?
    # Leave at 0 if you want to teleport immediately.
    # This will be ignored with "setthespawn.bypass.cooldown" permission for specific players
    teleport-delay: 0

    # This allows to send the messages repeatedly when the player starts
    # teleporting, otherwise it will sends the message once only.
    teleport-message-repeater: false

    # Displaying progress bar after the player started to teleport.
      enable: false

      bar-size: 30.0

      # Update frequency
      fast: 2

      # Teleport progress display mark
      mark: "\u258B"

      # Color to display the progress of teleporting
      done-color: "&a&l"

      # Color to display the progress of the waiting time
      not-done-color: "&c&l"

      message-format: "&aTeleporting in:&7&l [%output%&7&l]&6 (&8%time%&6)"

    # If players execute spawn command they will be teleported
    # to world spawn in case if spawn is not set.
    teleport-to-world-spawn-if-spawn-not-found: false

    # Teleport the player to the default set world spawn?
    # If this true, it will ignores the spawn location,
    # join spawn and teleports to the world spawn location.
    teleport-to-world-spawn: false

    # Teleport to the player's bed location, if exist.
    # This option also works with anchor spawn if exist.
    teleport-to-bed-spawn: false

    # Do include operator players in teleporting to teleport them?
    # This is only valid when someone wants to teleport each player.
    teleport-op-players: false

    # A player teleported to the spawn, how many seconds to protect the player from damage?
    # Leave it at 0 to disable
    no-damage-time: 0

    # Teleports automatically to spawn, when a player afk status is true.
    # Requires Essentials!
    auto-teleport-to-spawn-when-player-afk: false

    # Use separate worlds?
    # If enabled, the behaviour of the spawn will also change.
    # All worlds spawn must be set, if no players will not be teleported.
    # This will changes the spawn settings in the spawns file.
    per-world-spawn: false

    # In which worlds can spawn not be set and used?
    #- world_the_end

    # Prevent spawn command executing when a player in combat.
      enable: false

      # Waiting time to use the spawn again.
      time: 5

      # Message when you attack a player or attack yourself.
      message: "&cNow you can not teleport to spawn because you're still fighting with a player."

    # Check if the player is in flying mode?
    # If it is true, players can teleport while flying.
    # If it is false, it will cancel the teleport delay.
    # This ignores with setthespawn.bypass.fly permission.
    allow-spawn-when-flying: true

    # Allows to the player to teleport to the spawn if the player is in minecart.
    # This can be bypassed with setthespawn.bypass.minecart permission.
    allow-spawn-when-is-in-minecart: true

    # Allows to the player to teleport to the spawn if the player is in boat.
    # This can be bypassed with setthespawn.bypass.boat permission.
    allow-spawn-when-is-in-boat: true

    # Prevent spawn teleport when player is in fire?
    # This ignores with setthespawn.bypass.fire permission.
    prevent-spawn-when-player-is-in-fire: false

    # When a player presses the SHIFT button while teleporting, and sits in snake mode,
    # will it cancel the teleportation?
    # This ignores with setthespawn.bypass.sneak permission.
      enable: false
      message: "&cTeleporting is cancelled because snake mode is enabled."

    # Cost for /spawn command executing or sign interacting.
    # For this, requires Vault plugin.
      # Bypass permission to allow teleporting without payment.
      # This will be ignored if this empty.
      permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawncost

      # The amount of cost to be paid.
      cost: 0.0

      # Sign interaction price
        # Bypass permission to allow teleporting via sign without payment.
        # This will be ignored if this empty.
        permission: setthespawn.bypass.signcost

        # The amount of cost to be paid.
        cost: 0.0

      # How many seconds does the player have to wait to use the spawn command
      # again when the player moved during teleport time? (bypass permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawndelay)
      # Move includes damage, jump and any type of movement.
      spawn-command-delay-after-move: 0

      # Player was moved while teleporting.
        enable: true

        teleport-canceled: "&cTeleport cancelled, you can't move!"

        # Bypass permission to allow movement while teleporting.
        permission: setthespawn.bypass.movement

        # Play sound when a player moved while teleporting.
          # SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch
          #type: BLOCK_ENDER_CHEST_CLOSE, 8, 1

        # The player should pay for movement while teleporting.
          # The amount of cost to be paid.
          cost: 0.0

          # The permission to bypass movement payment.
          permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawn.movedcost

      # Player was jump while teleporting.
        enable: true

        teleport-canceled: "&cTeleport cancelled, you can't jump!"

        # Bypass permission to allow jump while teleporting.
        permission: setthespawn.bypass.jump

        # Play sound when a player jump while teleporting.
          # SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch
          #type: BLOCK_WOODEN_DOOR_CLOSE

        # The player should pay for jump payment.
          # The amount of cost to be paid.
          cost: 0.0

          # The permission to bypass jump while teleporting.
          permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawn.jumpedcost

      # When the player is attacked somebody while teleporting.
        enable: true

        teleport-canceled: "&cTeleport cancelled, you are in combat!"

        # Bypass permission to allow player damaging while teleporting.
        permission: setthespawn.bypass.damage

        # Play sound when a player attacked someone while teleporting.
          # SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch
          #type: BLOCK_LEVER_CLICK, 8, 1

        # Should the player pay for damage while teleporting?
          # The amount of cost to be paid.
          cost: 0.0

          # The permission to bypass damage payment.
          permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawn.damagecost

    # Play effect after the player is teleported?
      # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Effect.html
      # EFFECT_TYPE, duration
      #effect: ENDER_SIGNAL, 10

    # Play sound after the player is teleported?
      # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
      # SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch
      #sound: ENDERMAN_TELEPORT, 10, 1

    # Launch firework when the player teleported
      enable: false

      # This will fixes that issue when all the entities got damage after
      # player teleportation and launching a firework.
      # This calculates 15 radius around player to make sure the entities not get any damage.
      # If you have issues with this, then disable it.
      fix-entity-damage-after-teleportation: true

      random: true
      flicker: true
      trail: true

      # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/FireworkEffect.Type.html
      type: STAR

      # Colors 0 - 255
      - 229,0,0
      - 0,80,0
      - 0,0,103

      # Does the firework explode instantly?
      # If this enabled power setting are ignored.
      instant-explode: false

      # The power to launch the firework.
      power: 1

      # When you have started teleporting, a title will also be displayed.
        #title: "&aTeleporting in"
        #subtitle: "&6%seconds%&a seconds"

        # The title times to be displayed, stay and removing from the screen. (In ticks)
        # fadeIn, stay, fadeOut
        times: 10, 30, 60

      # When the player has teleported to the spawn and displays the title.
        #title: "&3Teleport"
        #subtitle: "&asuccess!"

        times: 10, 30, 60

      # When a player moves while teleporting.
        #title: "&cYou moved!"
        #subtitle: "&eTeleport cancelled."

        times: 10, 30, 50

      # When a player jumps while teleporting.
        #title: "&cYou jumped!"
        #subtitle: "&eTeleport cancelled."

        times: 10, 30, 50

      # When player are attacked somebody while teleporting.
        #title: "&cA player was attacked!"
        #subtitle: "&eTeleport cancelled."

        times: 10, 30, 50

    # When the player reached the given amount of void height will it teleport to the spawn?
      enable: false

      # At that point, the player will be teleported to the spawn.
      # Example: 5 - so Y:5
      height: 0

      # true - player will be protected from fall distance hurt.
      # false - player will not be protected from fall distance hurt.
      fall-distance: true

      # The list of disabled worlds where player shouldn't teleport to the set of spawn.
        # If enabled, the world names should target the set of spawn world.
        # For example, if you have set spawn in world1, and disabled world_nether,
        # players are not teleports to world1 spawn if falls into void.
        use-target-spawn-worlds: false
        #- end

      # Play effect after player teleported from void?
        # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Effect.html
        #effect: ENDER_SIGNAL, 15

      # Message when the player teleported from void.
      message: ""

    # Perform commands after player teleport
      # Use player & console arguments for first.
      # You can use %player% & %world% placeholders.
      #- "player: money"
      #- "player: kit"
      #- "console: eco take %player% 50"
      #- "console: money"

      player-join: false
      player-first-join: false

      # Teleport the player if died?
      respawn: false

      # Respawn player at their bed spawn if exist?
      respawn-at-bed: false

      # (1.16+) Respawn player at anchor?
      respawn-at-anchor: true

      # Allows you to create and use spawn sign
      enable: true

      # Save signs data automatically to a file when a sign was placed?
      save-sign-data: false

      # If the player does not have permission to create a sign.
        # true - the sign that was placed will break
        # false - the sign will not break
        break-sign: false

        # If the above option "break-sign" is disabled, some text will set in sign
          - "&cYou do not have"
          - "&cpermission"
          - "&cto create"
          - "&ca sign!"

      # If the spawn is not set what to display in sign
      - "&c[Spawn]"
      - "%text%"
      - "%text%"
      - "%text%"

      # If the spawn is exist, what to display in sign
        - "&9[Spawn]"
        - "%text%"
        - "%text%"
        - "%text%"

        - "&9[Spawn]"
        - "%all%"
        - "%text%"
        - "%text%"

          - "&9[Spawn]"
          - "&6%world%"
          - "%text%"
          - "%text%"

          - "&9[Spawn]"
          - "%all%"
          - "%world%"
          - "%text%"

    # Enable the gui setup?
    enable-gui: true

    # How many rows should the GUI have?
    # This multiplies the specified number by 9, thus creating the GUI correctly.
    gui-rows: 1

    # What should the name of the GUI be?
    gui-name: "&5Spawn settings"

    # All setup GUI items are set here
    # Slot starts at 0 and end at 53 for a size 54 inventory.
        item: oak_sign
        name: "&3Setspawn"
        - "&7------------"
        - "&aSet spawn command."
        - "&7------------"
        command: setspawn
        item: ENDER_PEARL
        name: "&6Teleport"
        - "&7------------"
        - "&aTeleport to the spawn."
        - "&7------------"
        command: spawn
        item: bone
        name: "&4Delete spawn"
        - "&7------------"
        - "&5Delete spawn location."
        - "&7------------"
        command: delspawn

    # Check for updates
    check-update: true

    # Download releases to "releases" folder
    # This only works if the "check-update" is true.
    download-updates: true

    # Log plugin messages into console.
    logconsole: true

    config-version: 12
    Create a spawn sign
    How do I make a spawn sign?
    Important! If the sign option is not enabled in configuration, you should enable it first time and reload the plugin.
    1. Join to your server
    2. Place a sign anywhere
    3. Write this on the sign at the first line: [Spawn]
    4. Save
    To 3rd: If you want to teleport every online player, use this in sign:

    The next option is to enter the name of the world or not. If given, it will teleport to the world when spawn is set. (Optional)
    This line is the 2nd of the sign.

    - Vault (optional)
    • Ability to pay for spawn usage in command or signs.
    • Ability to make spawns per-group
    - EssentialsX (optional)​
    • Ability to import spawn to SetTheSpawn
    • Ability to teleport the afk players to spawn
    • What is world spawn?
    World spawn is the default world spawn point where the first player will joins it teleports to that point. The command to modify: /setworldspawn
    • What entities saved when I teleport?
    • How can I set join and first spawn locations when the player joins to server?
    You can use /sts joinspawn first set command to set the locations for new players.

    Software requirements:
    • Spigot, Paper (All known spigot forks)
    - Add animated particle effects that can be edited.
    Spanish video by: GybertGamerYT

    Entity remains after teleport:
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