⭐️Acorn | Clean Essential Core⭐️ 1.0

A clean server core with all your essentials that is extremely configurable.

  1. rarfiles
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    A clean server essential core.

    • acorn.*
    • acorn.feed
    • acorn.freeze
    • acorn.areload
    • acorn.getpos
    • acorn.gmc
    • acorn.gms
    • acorn.heal
    • acorn.invsee
    • acorn.ip
    • acorn.near
    • acorn.ping
    • acron.report
    • acorn.request
    • acorn.day
    • acorn.night
    • acorn.tppos
    • acorn.vanish

    • /areload
    • /day
    • /feed
    • /fly
    • /freeze
    • /getpos
    • /gmc
    • /gms
    • /god
    • /heal
    • /invsee
    • /ip
    • /list
    • /near
    • /night
    • /ping
    • /report
    • /request
    • /tppos
    • /vanish

    motd: '&dacorn&e the ultimate essentials replacement'
    offline-player: '&cThat player is offline.'
    no-permission: '&cNo permission.'
    reload-message: '&dacorn&e has been reloaded'
    target-been-healed: '&eYou have been healed'
    sender-has-healed: '&eYou have healed&d %player%'
    target-max-health: '&eThat player is already at max health'
    healed-yourself: '&eYou have healed yourself'
    sender-max-health: '&eYou are already at max health'
    target-been-fed: '&eYou have been fed'
    sender-has-fed: '&eYou have fed&d %player%'
    target-max-food: '&eThat player is already at max food'
    fed-yourself: '&eYou have fed yourself'
    sender-max-food: '&eYou are already at max food'
    target-fly-enabled: '&eYou have enabled flight for&d %player%'
    target-fly-disabled: '&eYou have disabled flight for&d %player%'
    target-received-fly: '&eYour flight has been enabled by&d %player%'
    target-received-disabled-fly: '&eYour flight has been disabled by&d %player%'
    sender-fly-enabled: '&eYour flight has been enabled'
    sender-fly-disabled: '&eYour flight has been disabled'
    has-requested: '&d%player%&e has requested&d %message%'
    have-requested: '&eRequest successfully sent'
    request-cooldown: '&eYou are currently on a request cooldown'
    report-cooldown: '&eYou are currently on a report cooldown'
    have-reported: '&eReport successfully sent'
    report-received: '&d%player%&e has reported&d %target%&e for&d%reason%'
    cannot-report-self: '&eYou cannot report yourself'
    target-gm-creative: '&eUpdated&d %player%''s&e gamemode to &dCREATIVE'
    target-gm-survival: '&eUpdated&d %player%''s&e gamemode to &dSURVIVAL'
    gm-creative: '&eYour gamemode has been updated to &dCREATIVE'
    gm-survival: '&eYour gamemode has been updated to &dSURVIVAL'
    target-ping: '&d%player%''s&e ping is&d '
    your-ping: '&eYour ping is&d '
    tp-pos-success: '&eYou have teleported to&d %x%, %y%, %z%'
    self-vanished: '&eVanish has been enabled'
    self-unvanished: '&eVanish has been disabled'
    target-vanished: '&d%player%&e has been vanished'
    target-unvanished: '&d%player%&e has been unvanished'
    target-frozen: '&eYou have frozen&d %player%'
    been-frozen: '&eYou have been frozen by&d %player%'
    target-unfrozen: '&eYou have unfrozen&d %player%'
    been-unfrozen: '&eYou have been unfrozen by&d %player%'
    cannot-while-frozen: '&eYou cannot do this while frozen'
    player-is-frozen: '&eThis player is currently frozen'
    frozen-prefix: '&d[FROZEN]&e '
    cannot-freeze-staff: '&eYou cannot freeze staff members'
    target-god-enabled: '&eGodmode is now enabled for&d %player%'
    target-god-disabled: '&eGodmode is now disabled for&d %player%'
    god-enabled: '&eGodmode has been enabled'
    god-disabled: '&eGodmode has been disabled'
    day-time: '&eGlobal time has been updated to&d day'
    night-time: '&eGlobal time has been updated to&d night'
    viewing-inventory: '&eNow viewing the inventory of&d %player%'
    nearby-x: 100
    nearby-y: 100
    nearby-z: 100
    join-message: true
    leave-message: true
    broadcasted-join: '&d%player%&e has connected to the server'
    broadcasted-leave: '&d%player%&e has left the server'

    • Vault
    • Any permissions plugin
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