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Mines management plugin for Prison and SkyMining servers

  1. CatalysmRL
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    Perfect for SkyMining and Prison servers.
    Lots of features and regularly updated!


    You need one of the latest versions of
    WorldEdit or FastAsyncWorldEdit!

    Plugin loads mines 5 seconds after server start.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/aPnxHhtbCX
    Statistics: https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/CataMines/12889

    Running /cm gui will open a menu, which
    every exisisting mine.


    If you click one of the mines or alternatively run
    /cm gui <mine>, a menu of it will open.


    There you can change several properties.
    I will focus on the composition here. You can
    it by clicking the stone block on the top left.


    Here we can see every block that is in the composition.
    The sign explains how to add and remove blocks from
    the composition. If you want to edit the chance for a

    certain block to spawn, you need to left click it.


    Now you may increase or decrease the spawning chance
    to your likings by clicking the green or red wools.
    On the top, or by hovering the block, we can see the
    current chance of spawning. The second value is the sum
    of all block spawning chances in the composition.

    You may have noticed a dispenser and a dropper on the top
    right of this menu. After knowing the basics I've shown here,
    you should have no problems navigating the rest of the plugin
    with its great features.
    Enjoy! :D

    CataMines is a mines management plugin.
    Recommended for SkyMining and Prison servers.
    I have created this plugin in hopes to provide a new, efficient mine plugin with unique features that no other mine plugin has.​

    • Manage mines via a GUI
    • Custom loot tables
    • Configure efficiency lvl to break a mine block
    • Blazingly fast using FastAsyncWorldEdit
    • Fortune support (new*)
    • Create/Delete mines
    • Set/Unset the blocks of a mine (as %)
    • Reset mines by time
    • Reset mines by percentage
    • List existing mines
    • Display information of a mine
    • Manually reset mines
    • Set replace mode of a mine (If true mine will only replace air)
    • Move a mine to a new selection
    • Rename mines
    • Teleport players on top of mine on reset / to specified location
    • Start/Stop mines
    • Teleport players to mines
    • Set teleport location of mines
    Warn players when the mine is about to reset:
    • Enable/Disable warns of mines
    • Display remaining seconds of mine in the actionbar to nearby players / remaining blocks
    • Set if the mine should warn globally or just to nearby players
    • Fully customize the warning message
    • Fully customize the reset message
    • Fully customize on which seconds the mine should warn before reset
    • Fully customize how far players have to be from the mine for it to warn you
    • Plugin fully supports tab complete
      • Permission: catamines.* or being op
      • The tab completions help you a lot when using the commands of this plugin
    Placeholders for PAPI:
    • %catamines_prefix%
    • %catamines_countdown_<mine>%
    • %catamines_remainingseconds_<mine>%
    • %catamines_totalblocks_<mine>%
    • %catamines_minedblocks_<mine>%
    • %catamines_remainingblocks_<mine>%
    • %catamines_remainingblockspercentage_<mine>%
    • %catamines_resetpercentage_<mine>%
    /catamines or /cm
    Permission: catamines.help
    Lists every subcommand​
    • /cm create <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.create
      • Creates a mine. You need to have a selection with WorldEdit
    • /cm gui (mine) *new*
      • Permission: catamines.gui
        • Please consider reading the warning about the permission down below
      • Opens the gui
    • /cm delete <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.delete
      • Deletes a mine
    • /cm set <mine> <block> (percentage)%
      • Permission: catamines.set
      • Adds the block to the mine
      • Examples:
        • /cm set Stone_Mine stone
        • /cm set Stone_Mine stone 65%
    • /cm unset <mine> (block)
      • Permission: catamines.unset
      • Removes every block or the specified block from the mine
      • Examples:
        • /cm unset Stone_Mine
        • /cm unset Stone_Mine stone
    • /cm setdelay <mine> <seconds>
      • Permission: catamines.setdelay
      • Sets how many seconds the mine takes to reset
    • /cm list
      • Permission: catamines.list
      • Lists every registered mine
    • /cm info <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.info
      • Displays information of the mine
    • /cm reset <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.reset
      • Resets the mine manually
    • /cm redefine <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.redefine
      • Redefines the mines region
    • /cm tp <mine> (player)
      • Permission: catamines.teleport
      • Teleports to the mine
    • /cm settp <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.setteleport
      • Sets the teleport of the mine
    • /cm setresettp <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.setresetteleport
      • Sets the reset teleport of the mine
    • /cm start <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.start
      • Starts a mine if previously stopped
    • /cm stop <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.stop
      • Stops a mine
    • /cm starttasks
      • Permission: catamines.starttasks
      • Starts all mine tasks
    • /cm stoptasks
      • Permission: catamines.stoptasks
      • Stops all mine tasks
    • /cm reload
      • Permission: catamines.reload
      • Reloads the plugin. Changes that were made in the mines.yml will now happen
      • /cm reload mines
      • /cm reload config
      • /cm reload messages
      • /cm reload properties
    • /cm flag <mine>
      • Permission: catamines.flag | Grants access to all commands below
      • Lists all available flag commands
    • /cm flag <mine> replacemode <true/false>
      • If true, mine will only replace air on reset
    • /cm flag <mine> moveRegion
      • Moves the mine to your new WorldEdit selection
    • /cm flag <mine> rename <name>
      • Renames the mine
    • /cm flag <mine> teleportplayers <true/false>
      • Sets if players should teleport on top of the mine on reset
    • /cm flag <mine> teleportplayerstoresetlocation <true/false>
      • Sets if players should instead teleport to the designated location using /cm setresettp
    • /cm flag <mine> warn <true/false>
      • If true, mine will warn near players before it resets
    • /cm flag <mine> warnglobal <true/false>
      • If true, mine will warn everyone before it resets
    • /cm flag <mine> warnhotbar <true/false>
      • If true, mine will by default display remaining seconds in the hotbar
    • /cm flag <mine> warnhotbarmessage <message>
      • Sets the message to display in the hotbar
      • All of warnmessage applies except you are unable to create multiple lines
    • /cm flag <mine> warnmessage <message>
      • Sets the warn message of the mine. You can use /n to create a new line. Also supports color codes
      • Placeholders:
        • %cm% | Plugin prefix
        • %mine% | Name of the mine
        • %seconds% | Time in seconds (automatically translates to whole minutes)
        • %time% | Either second(s) or minute(s)
        • PlacholderAPI placeholders
      • Examples:
        • /cm flag Stone_Mine warnmessage &b%mine% &cresets in &a%seconds% %time%/n&6&lWohooo
          • Output 3 seconds before reset would be:
            • Stone_Mine resets in 3 seconds
            • Wohooo
          • Output 60 seconds before reset would be:
            • Stone_Mine resets in 1 minute
            • Wohooo
    • /cm flag <mine> resetmessage <message>
      • Same thing as warnmessage but cant use %seconds% and %time% placeholders since it wouldnt make any sense.
    • /cm flag <mine> warnseconds <n1 n2 n3...>
      • Sets on which seconds the mine should warn
      • Examples:
        • /cm flag <mine> warnseconds 1 3 24 47
          • Would warn 1, 3, 24 and 47 seconds before reset
        • /cm flag <mine> warnseconds -1
          • Would never warn before reset. Only on reset
    • /cm flag warndistance <number>
      • Sets how far away a player has to be to receive the warn message if the mine doesn't warn globally
    • catamines.*​
    • catamines.help​
    • catamines.list​
    • catamines.create​
    • catamines.gui​
      • This permission grants access to several mine properties
    • catamines.delete​
    • catamines.redefine​
    • catamines.set​
    • catamines.unset​
    • catamines.resetmode​
    • catamines.setdelay​
    • catamines.resetpercentage​
    • catamines.info​
    • catamines.flag​
    • catamines.reset​
    • catamines.reset.<mine>
    • catamines.teleport​
    • catamines.teleport.<mine>
    • catamines.setteleport​
    • catamines.start​
    • catamines.stop​
    • catamines.starttasks​
    • catamines.stoptasks​
    • catamines.reload​

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